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Found 136 results

  1. Just Closed both browsers Chrome and Firefox. Disabled SSL/TLS, Click OK Enabled SSL/TLS, Click OK Open, https://www.rahvastikuregister.ee/ in both browsers, not working. Go to Web Protocols->Disable HTTPS check, click OK. Works perfect The Girls from ESET support saying that they do not have problems The file detected.
  2. @SeriousHoax already posted a work around that worked for him here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/23125-certificate-issues-for-firefox-740-64bit/?do=findComment&comment=111976 Note that he deleted the existing and only Eset certificate from the Windows root CA certificate store, not the from FireFox's Authorities certificate store, He then rebooted, and Eset's root certificate auto repopulated in the Windows root CA certificate store. Why this works, I really have no clue.
  3. I still state that the issue here is most likely multiple Eset root certificates in the Windows root CA certificate store. All but the most recent certificate should be removed from there. As far as Eset's root certificate presence in FireFox's Authorities certificate store, it really shouldn't matter since FireFox is now configured to defer to the Windows root CA certificate store.
  4. I just tried that site using Firefox 76.0.1 and Eset NOD 32 Anitvirus and it loads just fine for me.
  5. This site doesn't render in FireFox. Appears to connect to the site OK but the web page is blank. Might be a problem with the web site.
  6. My certificate isn't working on Firefox either. Everything seems to set nicely. Tried enabling, re-enabling this configs but still same. I also have another app named Phyrox which is an unofficial portable version of Firefox. It's not working there anymore either. This is a new installation of the newly released version of Eset. Working in other browser but not in any Firefox based one.
  7. At this point, it makes no difference since you have added Eset's root CA certificate to FireFox's Authorities store. Note that by default, FireFox will search there for a certificate. If not found, it then will search in the Windows root CA certificate store. Just realize that it appears Eset is now no longer updating FireFox's Authorities store at installation time. Or for that matter, after Eset installation via prior stated update methods. Appears your issue was related to this:
  8. https://support.eset.com/en/how-to-use-eset-banking-and-payment-protection For this ESET banking? It dosen't show in teh list, just IE, Chorme, Firefox. It says edge not suppoted?
  9. Here's the logs after downloading eicarcom2.zip and while ESET didn't add it self into Firefox It's a clean system only ESET + Firefox + IDM installed eis_logs.zip Update: Just installed chrome in this clean system and everything works fine Update2: wilderssecurity.com/ shows Adguard certificate in chrome but ESET still block eicarcom2.zip
  10. Adguard only block Ads, but since the last v7.4 i see "Your browser is being managed by your organization." in Firefox settings and Adguard certificate is in all sites I'm testing only ESET+IDM+Firefox in a clean system and will collect the logs
  11. This is what happens to me, Firefox isn't filtering at all on a new install/new Windows install. Other browsers did but not Firefox.
  12. It don't get detected while downloading using Firefox but it get blocked on Chrome Update: I'm using "Internet Download Manager" and it got detected after i stopped IDM and used Firefox instead But in Chrome it get blocked before IDM can catch the link
  13. Same here with the latest eset and Firefox 64 bits. I could not find a way to make eset scan firefox traffic as it does with other browsers. Is there a way to do it ? I've read this whole topic but no solution.
  14. There is also a problem of the certificate that the website uses: Websites prove their identity via certificates. Firefox does not trust this site because it uses a certificate that is not valid for track.news.bingoblitz.com. The certificate is only valid for the following names: spgo.io, *.spgo1.io, *.spgo3.io, spgo3.io, *.spgo.io, *.spgo4.io, *.spgo2.io, spgo2.io, spgo4.io, spgo1.io Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN Parental Control classifies the website as Gambling / Video & computer games which seems to be ok according to the terms of services at https://www.playtika.com/terms-service: For Services for Slotomania, House of Fun, Caesars Casino, Vegas Downtown Slots, World Series of Poker, Poker Heat, and/or Bingo Blitz, you may not use the Service if you are under 21 years of age, in which case you must not create an account, access, use or download such games and/or submit any personal information through the Service and/or to Playtika.
  15. Can confirm that latest ESET EIS is not automatically installing its certificate to Firefox CA store, it's a clean ESET install and the mentioned about:config flag is already set to true (I've used Adguard Pro previously but uninstalled it long time ago using its removal tool). Firefox version: 75 stable channel ESET EIS: Internet protection module: 1395
  16. The issue is related to Chrome as well and I reproduced the issue in Virtualbox with Nod32 trial and fresh installation of Chrome and Firefox. I see in Chrome and Firefox that the certificate is valid but it is wrong certificate. But even in case of wrong/invalid certificate Nod32 should not silently modify resources. Nod32 should keep it as is and delegate validity check to a browser or display some warning, right?
  17. It's ok that you don't see the ESET root CA in the Firefox trusted certificate store. Do you have security.enterprise_roots.enabled set to true in Firefox?
  18. Below is a screen shot from FireFox. Yes, one of the scripts shows garbage characters at the end. However, the script Firefox is throwing an error on does not.
  19. This is the standard display from Firefox when a third part root certificate is being used. It has always been displayed as such. You probably just never checked the HTTPS certificate status previously. -EDIT- The message display is slightly different now that FireFox is now deferring to the Win root CA store; i.e. security.enterprise_roots.enabled.
  20. Based on the screenshot you posted here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/23125-certificate-issues-for-firefox-740-64bit/?do=findComment&comment=111963 and per @SeriousHoax previous reply to you, Eset's cert. is being used by FireFox w/o issue. So I really don't know what leads you to believe it is not.
  21. No, it is not a typo! In fact this morning it has already updated Also: Internet protection module: 1388.1 (20200219) And as itman mentioned, my Firefox version is also now ver. 74.0.1. And yet: So it appears it is a Mozilla/Firefox issue, not ESET after all.
  22. I think it's necessary to do this only when it's manually imported to Firefox certificate store. With the "enterprise_root...." config automatically enabled by Eset, Firefox uses windows store certificates. Anyway, I just did that too but still not working.
  23. Based on your screen shot, you don't need to add Eset's root CA certificate to FireFox's Authorities certificate because by default, FireFox will look for it in the Windows root CA certificate store. Therefore, the next thing is to verify that Eset's certificate exists there and is a valid certificate. Do the following: 1. Enter certmgr.msc in the your desktop search window. 2. Open certmgr. 3. Verify that the Eset certificate exists in Windows Trusted Root Certification Authority per the below screen shot:
  24. It seems that once the security.enterprise_roots.enabled is created, Firefox automatically locks it - you'll from my screenshot that my set-up is the same. So no I don't know why this is happening Also ESET's certificate does not appear in the Firefox's Authorities certificate store, so I could delete it. It may be why I'm having this problem? I also cannot find ESET's certificate in the Program Files or ProgramData folders, so wonder if it is included in a DLL? Thanks for the input, but still no solution.
  25. Eset doesn't support Edge use for BP&P. Since this is your default browser, Eset is instead opening IE11. Only work around would be to set your default browser to FireFox or Chrome. As for as the new Edge chromium based browser support in BP&P, Eset will have to comment on that. It appears Eset is treating it as the old Edge version versus Chrome.
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