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Found 128 results

  1. Issue has spread to Opera, now only usable browser is firefox
  2. We won't use tags and it just clutters up the view. It's not just at the top, it is in the side panel where the groups are. It keeps coming back when I change views. I have to re-hide it every time. The other issue with the new look is that it doesn't remember that I want to left side panel to be collapsed. Every time I log back in, it is expanded again. This version has added more clicks to an already click-heavy application. Is it possible that it is a browser issue? I am using Firefox 71.
  3. Si vous rencontrez des problèmes de publication sur ce forum et que vous utilisez ie11 et que vous souhaitez continuer à utiliser ie11 [par opposition à Firefox ou Chrome] et merci beaucoup à TomFace pour cette solution de contournement, basculez le commutateur dans le coin supérieur gauche de l' écran. La barre d'outils de réponse du forum [qui désactive toutes les autres fonctionnalités de la barre d'outils de réponse], permet à l'affiche d'utiliser ie11 pour au moins une citation et une multicote lors de la publication.
  4. That is a good idea. I tried what you suggested with both IE11 and Firefox on the various banking websites, and get no webcam access requests. So its looking like Chrome is the likely culprit. Hopefully this is just some simple conflict between Chrome and whatever recent updates my computer got from ESET. Unfortunately, I'm still paranoid ? The reason I brought up my NAS/Switch is to provide more information, and in case it could be a point of entry into my network. I did change some of the default security settings, like removing the default admin account, changing the default ports, and lowering login attempts so the NAS is likely not an issue.
  5. PLEASE, add Opera to the list of compatible Browsers for the Banking & Payment Protection module. It uses the Chrome (ENGINE) Browser and It's far better than Chrome, Firefox or IE. Thanks.
  6. My comment in regards to Adguard is do you really want it intercepting and decrypting SSL traffic? Eset's SSL protocol scanning is already doing that and examining such traffic for malware. Adguard in the past has not properly performed SSL scanning as noted here: Different certificate, same key The first thing I did was to install Adguard two times in different VMs and look at the root certificate that got installed into the browser. The fingerprint of the certificates was different. However a closer look revealed something interesting: The RSA modulus was the same. It turned out that Adguard created a new root certificate with a changing serial number for every installation, but it didn't generate a new key. Therefore it is vulnerable to the same attacks as Superfish. I reported this issue to Adguard. Adguard has fixed this issue, however they still intercept HTTPS traffic. I learned that Adguard did not always use the same key, instead it chose one out of ten different keys based on the CPU. All ten keys could easily be extracted from a file called ProtocolFilters.dll that was shipped with Adguard. Older versions of Adguard only used one key shared amongst all installations. There also was a very outdated copy of the nss library. It suffers from various vulnerabilities, however it seems they are not exploitable. The library is not used for TLS connections, its only job is to install certificates into the Firefox root store. Ref.: https://blog.hboeck.de/archives/874-More-TLS-Man-in-the-Middle-failures-Adguard,-Privdog-again-and-ProtocolFilters.dll.html
  7. You sure are being stubborn and selfish to your Googleness. FYI its not going to be the same addon in firefox as it is in google, they will have to make two different types to cater 1 to chrome, and 1 for firefox. It isnt going to be cross-platform. However if you dont want to, dont just constantly post links out of here and create additional posts to 1 single addon, thats not what i asked. I can do all that on my own, however it will take me weeks as i have a life and job. You are the one with the suggestion. Here is a format to follow now: Avast - Online Security (link) Avira - Browser Safety AVG - Secure Search From this list we can really contrast and compare and just search for the addons you are speaking about. If you want to be generalized as you are, then that is also fine, however I will have no interested in trying to get on your side, level, see your point of few etc, im just going to disagree because you dont want to put time and effort into convincing and professionaly giving your point of view. Your just saying, make a browser addon like the rest LOL!! I dont mind taking the time looking at all these addons and testing them out and then agreeing with you, or totally disagreeing, but im not going to hunt for them and guess that i have the right one(s)? Dont all these addons each do something different ? Or are they seriously all the same and do the same thing ? This would be entering my point of view. Why not just use one of those coupled with ESET? Why does ESET need to make one if they are all the same or etc etc etc. I hope you get my side now though, respectfully. Yes i know its just a suggestion, but i like to come to conslusions on some of the suggestions that are posted here, sometimes. Best regards,
  8. Oh God not other anti Google thing. Whatever. FYI..................These addons are also available in Firefox. Most addons that are in Firefox and available in Chrome and visa verso. I use everything Google.
  9. Description: Firefox OS support Details: ESET Mobile Security already supports Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. But there is another (quite new) OS for smart phones: Firefox OS. It would be nice if it will supported in the future too.
  10. Supported browsers Password Manager supports the following browsers: •Microsoft Internet Explorer •Mozilla Firefox •Google Chrome •Chromium •Opera •Seamonkey •Yandex •Comodo Dragon •Pale Moon Password Manager also supports many popular applications such as Skype.
  11. For Firefox 22 and newer, you'll need to export the root certificate from ESS and import it to Firefox manually in order for https websites to open properly.
  12. This is probably not possible, wildcards in this form are not supported. I was unable to accomplish it either. It works fine for me. Please post the warning you're getting and let us know what browser and its version you use. Try the following: - with web browsers and email clients closed, disable SSL scanning - enable SSL scanning - launch the browser Close my browsers (Firefox 22, IE 8) Disable scanning SSL Enable scanning SSL the result is ESS always gives me a notif : an attempt to add the root certificate to all known browsers on your computer failed then, I open my browsers, IE & Firefox give me a notif: There is a problem with this website's security certificate. The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address. Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server. We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website. - Click here to close this webpage. - Continue to this website (not recommended). More information Also, the verifier.exe mode (drivers) fiture on my XP pro SP3 don't pass eamon.sys in ESS version 6 & beta 7. BSOD is hapenned by eamon.sys in latest ESS 5, 6, 7 beta. But in normal mode, no BSOD. in Safe Mode, I change it to version eamon.sys in ESS version 5.0.95, everything is just fine about verifier problem. But the SSL scanning is still the same. I love that version (ESS 5 early version, eamon.sys) Maybe, I will try to formating my OS and post the result later. Thanks Marcos for the reply.
  13. It seems to be something wrong with your search and your SSL/TLS connection. If I search something Firefox displays this warning: That seems to be because it is initally loading hxxp://forum.eset.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&fromMainBar=1 (not HTTPS). After this it's redirected correctly to the HTTPS version and then it displays this error message: Note that I just searched for 'test'. BTW: The advanced search is working. Additionally you forum.eset.com is vulnerable to the Logjam attack. (SSLLabs, More information about logjam) And it doesn't support Forward Secrecy - somewhere I already complained about this. However I think Logjam is (mainly) an attack on Forward Secrecy, but nevertheless you should fix this problem - and of course to support Forward Secrecy would be nice.
  14. There is another annoying bug: If I click on the "Edit" button (between "Report" and "Hide") then I can edit my post. So I saved it and it's all okay. But if I'm trying to edit it another time then it doesn't work. If I click on it just nothing happens. Then I have two ways: Either open the edit link in a new tab, so I use the full editor or reload the whole page, so that I can edit my post again one time again. I've tested this with Firefox and IE.
  15. Don't you want to understand it? Like I said the Web protection works with any browser. Also in v8. Firefox included.
  16. I love that everyone thinks that adding in a simple browser feature is rocket science. EVERYONE ELSE HAS ONE. Obviously it's not that complicated. This has nothing to do with adding bloat to either one of Eset's products. It is a simple browser add on. Avast has been using it for years. Norton also. As I have previously said before any of you reply I suggest you try out these other products. I have. I actually have installed and ran just about everything out there. I am talking about a site advisor. That is it. Not a virtual keyboard. Not a banking mode. Not a password program. I am talking about something like WOT. That is it. But WOT is a joke based on users who do not like certain websites. If a website has been found to have malicious malware on it then it should be rated poorly. But most of WOT's opinions are not malware based. Toolbar installs are not malicious. All of you keep replying that Eset does not need such a feature. But again I am not talking about something added into Eset. I am talking about a simple browser add on available for those who want to use it in the Chrome or Firefox extension store. ABSOLUTELY FREE. Bitdefender offers traffic light FREE for everyone.
  17. Who knows, maybe in the future ESET may provide a Chrome/Firefox/IE browser add on/extension similar to WOT for Smart Security when they feel like it is necessary. For now at least, the idea has now been mentioned and quite well discussed. Exactly, end of story. Anyone is quite welcome to go use those other products, especially if they are so hard up for the features they provide.
  18. Who knows, maybe in the future ESET may provide a Chrome/Firefox/IE browser add on/extension similar to WOT for Smart Security when they feel like it is necessary. For now at least, the idea has now been mentioned and quite well discussed.
  19. Again you are incorrect. Avira Free, Avast Free, 360 Total Security Free, Bitdefender Free all have these browser add ons. It is NOT a premium feature nor is it something added to the product. The browser add on is common to all the product lines. None of you are understanding this. So let's try this from the top. I AM TALKING ABOUT A BROWSER ADD ON SIMILAR TO WOT. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT A PROGRAM WHICH MUST BE INCORPORATED INTO ESET. It is a separate add on. Something ONLY available via the Chrome store or Firefox add ons. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT ADDING BLOAT TO ESET. Gezzzz, Don't any of you ever check out the competition? Bitdefender has 4 different versions. 5 if you include their free version. All of them contain this browser add on. Avast has 3 different versions. All include this browser add on. Avira has 3 different versions. All include this browser add on. A browser add on has nothing to do with the product. If I wanted to I can add Bitdefender's Traffic Light onto my Chrome. WITHOUT having to purchase Bitdefender. I can just visit the Chrome store. I could also add Avast's and Avira's. This add on has NOTHING to do with complicating the GUI (which according to beta 8 you guys refuse to change). A browser add on IS NOT some feature only seen via the main GUI. Before there are any more replies about my request I highly suggest some of you loo into exactly what I am referring to.
  20. That is exactly what I wonder as well. Use what's already available, if 8 or more vendors have one then just try them out and pick wich ever you like the best. Or wich ever is compatible with your browser. And yes, there are more browsers available than IE, Chrome and Firefox! And like SCR said, you can't just release a plugin and let it be, it needs constant "baby sitting" in order to be compatible and work with each new browser release. And as I said before, even if a link is marked red, nothing will prevent the as someone said "newbie" from clicking and entering the site anyway as most newbies think they know best and simply have to access the site no matter what. "I have visited this site for years...and it was "green" 2 days ago...ehhhh I don't care I'll visit it anyway and report it as a FP there's no way its something bad on here..."
  21. I don't understand why some users feel is it so important to have a "traffic light" system for search results. Even if the AV shows the link as "red" nothing will prevent the user from accessing the site anyway. And I guess some people don't mind that some plugins in other AVs are only compatible with IE, Firefox, and Chrome. What about all other browsers that people may use, the "plugin feature" is useless to them. That is why more vendors should stop using plugins etc.. so the whole product works independent of what browser you happen to use. When people ask me for such feature, I usually recommend WOT(despite all FP link ratings) or something similar that already is available for free. If they want a feature like this then they will have to live with that safe links get red tagged once in a while. One of the reasons I use and like ESET is because there is no extensions and plugins involved. And I really really hope it stays that way!
  22. You can see "my" examples as you like, I simply weigh and try to see the positive and negative aspect of having my banking details in such apps....but the public knowledge won't matter if the banking details leak out of these apps for some reason does it? Its not prohibited to mention other vendor names in here afaik, I assume you talk about this? hxxp://www.amazon.co.uk/G-Data-Bank-Guard-PC/dp/B008UL0HT0 Protects against all known and unknown banking Trojans Compatible with any security software Plug-in for MS Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers I love products that can protect us from "all known and unkown" Also any user can use this as they claim its compatible with other security softwares. (fwiw it is also incorporated in the G-data product lineup for anyone interested) Yes we are way off-topic as we are only meant to post future changes, though several members have lately posted loads of totally unnecessary and even fictional features that is a "must have"...and push forward that banking mode is very essential, so I must of course say that I do not agree with that and say my opinion in this whole mess. But to at least end the banking mode discussion maybe ESET could say something about whether it indeed is necessary to add features like that to NOD32/ESS...or not. FYI "Shame" works just fine in your sentence. I guess it could be useful to know what "Titan" have that you like?
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