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  1. Firefox most certainly does: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/secure-website-certificate . I would assume the same for Chrome and Edge. This article gets into more detail: https://www.ssl.com/article/how-do-browsers-handle-revoked-ssl-tls-certificates/ . Their test in regards to RSA DV certs. yielded the following: As long as FireFox has OCSP enabled which is the default for certificate checking, it will detect a revoked intermediate cert.. Chrome doesn't detect because of bugs it appears: Edge will detect as long as its default settings haven't been modified:
  2. Password Manager has made my firefox browser useless...has taken me weeks to realize what it was. Thought I had internet problems or computer issues until yesterday i used a different browser and all the PW Mgr problems not being available went away AND the other browser was lightning speed doing work. I really need to use firefox for specific purposes. Please fix PW manager! It has always been such a useful tool, I have been happy to pay for it...but it is wrecking my life right now. Not making it easier as it should. Thanks in advance for your quick fix, ESET...hopefully you are monitoring t
  3. Hello I observe a lot of crashes due to NOD 32 in Firefox when I watch streaming videos or during speedtests. Firefox crash reports still point to NOD 32 as the source of the problems. Indeed, if I deactivate the antivirus, all is well. Windows 10 2004 32-bi Best regards
  4. Should I switch to Chrome because I got Firefox and I sync it to my android an other phone no issues seems secure to me I think but if you think googes better ill go with it. Btw Eset Internet Security doesn't come with the password manager. Its Eset smart security premium which I think you meant. But even with tgosex2 extra things odk if its better or worse or the same as Eset Internet Security but idk its probably best to stick with what you know idk.. I don't trust those password managers like last pass or bitwarden etc so if it were to be one it for sure be with eset. Did I ask what type y
  5. Hi ESET. The latest version of Mozilla Firefox v83.0 has been equipped with a new feature consisting in enabling the mode of forced use of HTTPS protocol only, which can increase the security of browsing on the Internet. After enabling this security feature and visiting a banking website to make payments, the ESET Smart Security Premium Banking & Payment protection feature don't work any more. Protected browser window don't start. Instead, the ESET Help website titled 'How To Fix "Unable to Redirect Banking & Payment Protection to the requested website" error' is displayed. B
  6. I liked password manager a LOT better when it was in my smart security client. Now it bogs down my browser full-time and causes it to crash when even a single tab is open, and I just don't feel safe having my password manager integrated into my browser. Why did you do this?
  7. Hello all, I have installed a 30 day trial of Eset antivirus and am experiencing the following issue. I have enabled DNS over HTTPS using Cloudflare in Firefox settings. Most sites open fine but some site refuse to open since installing Eset. Firefox shows the following error: Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a connection to www.kraken.com. SSL_ERROR_MISSING_ESNI_EXTENSION" If I disable HTTPS scanning in Eset all sites open fine again. One site for example that refuses to load with HTTPS scanning enabled is hxxp://kraken.com I'm running the latest version
  8. Hello I observe a lot of crashes due to NOD 32 in Firefox when I watch streaming videos or during speedtests. Firefox crash reports still point to NOD 32 as the source of the problems. Indeed, if I deactivate the antivirus, all is well. Windows 10 2004 32-bi Best regards
  9. You can use/add Firefox extensions in B&PP mode if you enable "Secure all browsers" setting per the below screen shot. As noted, this will allow use of popular extensions. Whether this https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/history-cleaner/ is in this category, I have no idea. You would have to experiment with adding it. Note: enabling "Secure all browsers" setting will result in Firefox always opening in Eset secure browser mode. Be aware of that and it could cause other issues when using Firefox for normal browsing activities.
  10. After the last updates I started having the certificates issue with firefox https://forum.eset.com/topic/23125-certificate-issues-for-firefox-740-64bit/page/6/ On W10 20H2 FF 78.4.1 ESR has credential issues that lead to secure connection errors and data loss, Ungoogled Chromium seems not affected. On W10 1909 FF displays invalid cert on every website, the same with Ungoogled. Pref "security.enterprise_roots.enabled" is "true" and locked (by Eset or by group policy) I see no errors in browsers console. On the third PC with 20H2 and without Eset SSP I have no issues.
  11. Hello, I cant install mozilla firefox in ESMC. I get this error: GetFile: Object 'https://download-installer.cdn.mozilla.net/pub/firefox/releases/81.0.1/win64/en-US/Firefox Setup 81.0.1.msi' not found [error code: 20011] But from that PC I can access that URL.
  12. The new password manager extension for firefox will not let me log in, it says my username or password is invalid. To be sure I did reset my password. That didn't help. Things to know: I had the older version installed before this one. When the problem occurred I sent an email to eset support regarding the issue. They told me to use eset chat support. I contacted eset chat support. The representative wanted to access my computer remotely to which I agreed. He first removed the extension and the added it again. Then told me to login, which I was unable to do. Then the repres
  13. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/history-cleaner/ First, Can you install a Firefox Addon into the BPP Profile? I get an -- "Aborted Install - Appears to be Corrupt" -- for the FF (I'm 84.0.1) Addon - History Cleaner -- above BUT I have it in the regular FF profile. I've only thought to include the above URL in Web Access Protect/ URL Mgt/ List of Allowed Addresses -- and That didn't help. Assuming BPP just makes it "Look" corrupt, is there anything else I can try?
  14. I have no issues using B&PP with Firefox. What browser are you using?
  15. As far as I am concerned, "the bug" lies in the secure all browsers option. It appears the intent was to correct the issue where one assigned for example, Firefox as their Win 10 default browser. However they use for example, Chrome as their everyday browser. With Chrome in use, they entered a B&PP protected bank site URL. Eset in previous versions would open the Win assigned default browser; i.e. Firefox, in B&PP protected mode versus a protected mode Chrome window. Currently if the secure all browsers option is enabled and an Eset supported browser is used, the browser is a
  16. I just tested with the secure all browsers option enabled using Firefox since I don't use Chrome or have it installed. Aside from a very slight delay in home page rendering at browser startup time, there were no further browser slow down issues. Also, there was no separate opening of another B&PP secure browser window when accessing my bank's web site. Of note is Eset B&PP creates a separate Firefox profile for B&PP use when secure all browsers option is disabled. I suspect the issue here is with Chrome which has been most problematic historically with Eset use.
  17. Hello. We have a problem with ESET SSL filtering and Firefox. I have an assumption what may be wrong but as I don't know how exactly this function is implemented maybe someone could confirm if my assumptions are right and maybe suggests a workaround. If a user logs in on another PC, ESET SSL filtering is broken within FF, and you get the following error message when browsing https websites. From what I understand the ESET client generates an individual CA cert including the private key and then adds it to the certificate store of Windows and also Firefox. As the cert s
  18. Hello I observe a lot of crashes due to NOD 32 in Firefox when I watch streaming videos or during speedtests. Firefox crash reports still point to NOD 32 as the source of the problems. Indeed, if I deactivate the antivirus, all is well. Windows 10 2004 32-bi Best regards
  19. Same here connecting from the U.S. No issues from Eset connecting to this URL, https://status.camerfirma.com , using Firefox, Edge - Chromium, or Internet Explorer.
  20. What do you exactly mean by "deactivate the antivirus"? Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector. Also make sure to update Firefox to the latest version 84.0.1 and EAV to the latest v14.0.
  21. First, here's a write-up on the feature: https://www.askvg.com/tip-enable-https-only-mode-for-websites-in-mozilla-firefox/ Next, I enabled the feature in Firefox. There is no problem with accessing my bank's web site if I open B&PP via desktop icon. However if I try to access my bank's web site via a normal Firefox browser session, I get the same Eset help web page redirection as described. Of note is B&PP uses a separate Firefox profile than the one used in normal Firefox mode. So I also set; dom.security.https_only_mode to true in that profile. Still a no go
  22. Thank you for your response, will come back with some logs in about 9 hours, as right now I don't have the time to install and reinstall ESET. That setting is already disabled, using Firefox 83.0. It may be enabled if the configuration file for Firefox was created using some new version, but the version of Firefox that created the configuration file on this system was from ~2 years ago. Anyway, what makes you think it could be Firefox, since the issue doesn't exist on any other system I own (all of them use ESET in combination with Firefox) and the issue disappears as soon as I un
  23. Of note is if you run in permanent private browser mode in Firefox as I do, all your history is auto deleted at browser close time.
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