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  1. Hello, I see there are ESET NOD32 version 9, 10, 11 and also see there are ESET NOD32 2016, 2017, 2018 I want to know the difference. Could it be that they are all the same, except that each version has its alternative year or something? For example, I have ESET NOD32 version 10.1.235 so does it mean it has alternative name like 2016 or 2017? Thanks.
  2. I think this happens with websites that have advertisements from 3rd party advertising networks. This happened when I was accessing outlook.com that has advertisements on the right side. I used Chrome plugin to disable them and NOD32 no longer showed the error. I blocked the certificate in NOD32 and today when I removed the rule, everything works fine.
  3. Hello, I started receiving this error recently. Here's a screenshot: How do I know what website triggers this? I am not accessing this website and I am sure one of websites that I have among tabs triggers it. How should I proceed?
  4. I have used license that starts with "USA3" and works for 1-year until it expires in a couple of days. I have purchased another 1-year license which I believe is distributed in Russia because I purchased from Russian online shop. I want to know if it will work and I will be able to renew. I also want to know if instead 2 PC license will work here too despire country of license. I saw there's 2 PC renewal license and 2 PC base license and I wonder if taking base license will be wrong and it will not work since I need one particularly for renewing. Thanks
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