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  1. I just updated NOD32 to version 9.0.349. The problem with ACDSee is now fully solved. Everything is OK. Thanks for this latest update!
  2. Thanks for your advice to downgrade to V8. I will install and test it.
  3. Hello to all the forum community. I'm looking for help to solve the following problem. I installed the latest version of ACDSee image viewer, 64 bit version. The program start fine but it quickly become very slow or unresponsive. I found that by pausing the NOD32 protection, ACDSee run fast, without problem. After enabling again the protection, I get an almost immediate ACDSee slowdown. I tried to add the ACDSee install folder ("C:\Program Files\ACD Systems\*.*") to the exclusion list (Paths to be excluded from scanning) but this does not prevent the slowdown when the NOD32 pr
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