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    sdnian gave kudos to MichalJ in Policy Setting - Exclusions   
    This is related to the new exclusions system. In case your policy has been converted from an old one, or you use older version of ESMC than 7.1, you will have the split of Performance & Detection Exclusions. If you create a new policy, you can only add performance exclusions to it, and detection exclusions would be handled via the new exclusions tab in the main menu. 
    So the one with detection exclusions is most probably a policy that included some detection exclsions (other than by path) before. The one which does not have them, is a policy which had not them defined before. 
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    sdnian received kudos from pps in No need password to disable firewall in EES   
    The EES version is 7.1.2053. I've set a password protect in EES. When I right click the EES icon in the systray, click 'Pause firewall (allow all traffic)', a popup window appears asking for a password on the screen. Just ignore it, right click the EES icon to pause firewall again. Then the firewall been disabled now. It seems a bug, please check it.
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