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  1. Tomas has devs working on the issue after i sent them detailed logs. i will of course post their findings here. i will add that since i updated OS to 10.11.2, i haven't yet experienced the issue. not sure what that's about.
  2. for days i've had a problem where i can only browse the web (in any browser) for about 10 minutes before i start getting "no connection" errors (on every browser and every website except Facebook and Google sites). i spent hours and hours troubleshooting, trying a million different things, thinking it may have been my ISP, my router, etc. of course i initially tried "turning off" all ESET modules just to make sure, but this made no difference. i have two macs, an imac and a macbook pro. just for the heck of it, i uninstalled Eset CSP from my macbook and viola, no more problems. so i
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