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  1. What's the status of ESET CyberSecurity Pro supporting macOS Monterey (12.0)? I don't find any mention of the new macOS on ESET website or in the KB.
  2. And it was VERY cheeky of ESET to change the full support date to March without changing the "Latest update" date. I've started looking for other options for myself, my clients and peers.
  3. There's not even a fully supported version of ESET Cyber Security Pro macOS 11.x even on x86.
  4. Although at least one person has confirmed that ESET runs through Rosetta 2 and thus is compatible with the M1 chip, there's still no version of ESET Cyber Security Pro that is fully compatible for installation and use on macOS 11.x. 👎
  5. It's Jan 22, 2021. Big Sur was released over two months ago. macOS 11.2 RC has been released to developers. Still, ESET hasn't released fully supported software. In fact, the promised deadline has already been delayed once. Why can't ESET developers create solutions using beta and RC OSs and be ready, on time, when new OS's are released?
  6. Does Cyber Security Pro support/run on the new Apple M1 Silicon Chip? Does it properly translate through the Rosetta 2 emulator? When will ESET Cyber Security Pro be written with Universal code? TIA!
  7. I just upgraded to 10.15.4 and got the same issue. <sigh>
  8. I also confirm that RC 6.7.400.0 fixes the issue. Curiously, all apps that I had added to Accessibility and Full Disk Access while in Safe Mode also appeared when ESET CSP was uninstalled, and they were retained when the RC CSP was installed.
  9. I can confirm that the following are the only two methods that solve the issue-- OS 10.11.1, CSP "sudo killall -9 sets_proxy" uninstalling CSP Changing zone from public to home, disabling threatSense, disabling LiveGrid, disabling web access protection, or any of the OSX Yosemite 'connection reset' suggestions do NOT help. UPDATE #1: ESET 2nd level support confirms that this is a known issue. We spent time yesterday collecting and sending logs. They will notify when an update to the issue is available. Until then, keep an eye out for any websites that have more of an issue than others: http or https. Is there any kind of trigger? Is there a particular duration between killing the proxy and next disconnect? Is there a certain number of internet connections (i.e. browser tabs, email client calls) that cause/overwhelm the proxy? FYI, repeated error messages in Console: 15.11.28 06:50:38,000 kernel[0]: esets_pfw: ERROR[kernel_task]: Couldn't set proxy socket for relation 15.11.28 06:50:38,059 esets[1336]: warning[16c00000]: Protoscan Proxy Agent: Cannot accept connection: Too many open files 15.11.28 06:50:38,060 esets[1336]: warning[16c00000]: Protoscan Proxy Agent: Cannot accept connection: Read error UPDATE #2: ESET has a new proxy module that appears to solve this issue. Not sure why they haven't yet pushed out a new CSP version that contains the module.
  10. CSP v6.1.12.0 and OS 10.11.1 Brand new MBA. Same issues as expressed herein. Erased HD. Fresh install. Same issues as expressed herein. Uninstall ESET. Immediately surfing works--no connection lost (safari), no ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED (chrome), no web page not available (opera) On old computer, currently testing disabled LiveGrid, disabled TSE for web access protection.
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