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  1. Have you been observing some performance issues while working with the computer? We have reported the issue to Microsoft and awaiting a response. Hope some progress is made. I am not sure what ESET expects from Microsoft. The ESET product is slowing down Windows 10 when it is activated with this configuration. Microsoft is going to say if you uninstall ESET, it will run fine. Seems like the ESET software engineers have some work to do. Interested to see what the other real world tests show. As to the comment if we are seeing a slowdown. That would be very hard to say unless you have th
  2. Sorry, thought I went back and posted this. Here are results with NOD32 on/off for Samsung and Crystalmark. I ran with default settings and you can see the version in the screenshot. There are headings above or below each snip stating if it was run with ESET on or off. Sequential read on crystalmark is where you notice it most. Seems like it would be easy to replicate. Download, run with/without NOD32. Easy to see and many have noted this. Thanks, BJB Benchmarks with without ESET.pdf
  3. I installed the new version although not sure why it is a month later and I still do not get notification of a new version. I rely on those notifications.....anyway, the new version had no impact. The sequential Reads are FIFTY percent less in Samsung Magician or Crystalmark with ESET on. Same as before. Iwas looking for a place to insert a snip of the results but I don't see how I can do that. Again, if it is just a synthetic benchmark thing I could care less. However if my benchmark reads are 50% low, my sense is it must be impacting performance somewhat in real life. Just test a Sa
  4. Okay, thanks. I guess I'll ask the obvious question. Why doesn't my NOD32 product update notify me of that? I even manually clicked on the "check for updates" (for the program not the definitions) and it did not prompt me. Curious....But understood. I can download it and see if it helps. BJB
  5. I was logged in, but then it said I could not post. I will try again..... Just right clicking the ESET notification icon and choosing "pause" solves the issue. I ran it several times and it was definitive. I will download the new version and re-test. Is this a live version or beta? I just checked for updates within the program and it says my installed version 9.0.318.0 is up to date. I am running Windows 10 64 bit. I have no desire to run beta software. Please let me know, Thanks, BJB
  6. Greetings. I am not benchmark-crazy but just to make sure my new Windows 10 build's settings were correct on my motherboard, bios, etc, I ran the Samsung-supplied "Magician" benchmark. Like a few others that have noticed this, the resuts are much slower with ESET NOD32 enabled. When disabled results are normal. I am running this on a Samsung PRO 950 SSD drive. Of course if it is just the benchmark, I don't really care, however, if it is slowing down the benchmark I sense it is slowing down performance also.... Note it also slows down a more widely used benchmark cyrstaldiskmark. Is
  7. What worked is excluding the XPS file type as noted above. Everything is now working. I would prefer not to mess with it and hopefully a new version comes out quickly. But again, hope that is posted because how do we know when it is fixed? I also recall in V8 a setting where you could download and install definitions automatically but have program upgrades prompt you. Did that option go away? Is it all or nothing now? Thanks, BJB ​
  8. Has this issue been resolved? I just spent the better part of an afternoon trying to figure this out during a new windows install....thought it was the Brother printer driver and thankfully found this thread. Can someone form ESET please pro-actively post here when it is fixed? I also excluded the XPS file type just to get printing to work from Microsoft Edge. Thanks, BJB ​
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