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  1. Description: change size of desktop notification Detail: Present desktop notification is unnecessary big with too much empty space. Why?? Older desktop notifications was nice and small, brief message in max two lines what happen is quite good enough and who want to know more, can click and open whole message. It would be very convenient to possible change size as the same as ANY window in Windows can be changed simply by catch corner (for example upper left corner) and drag with mouse. And of course, NOD32 would remember that size and use it for any future notification. Is it so hard to create such simple feature?
  2. Hi. Since upgrade to version 9, the notification window in bottom right corner is unnecessary huge. The making transparency or shorting duration time is one thing, I also wish to not set not displaying notification on desktop at all. So is there any way how to make it nicely small, as it was before? just head of notification window and two lines with message. Quite enough.
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