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  1. High Quality Software. Tried to install it on our main server now. I'm trying to use MySQL 5.7 for it. It installed the remote administrator server and client, created a db, installs apache, then stops with an error that it cannot install the webconsole because it cannot open a .tmp file from the installation folder. Newest version downloaded yesterday, wow. Best thing is, if you want to reinstall it it tells you that you must untick admin server and client because it is already installed. BUT YOU CANNOT UNTICK THOSE! Yay, good work, that's how you make an installer. I'm getting cra
  2. +1 Same here. Imho ERA 6 is a complete joke. The UI is a mess and carrying out tasks takes much more time than old era. I understand having an agent is beneficial, I already had that on kaspersky before we switched, but that does not in any way come close to what kaspersky offered. I'm inclined to switch back to that if it wasn't so horribly performance hungry on the client side. Does anybody know if there will be a version of Business Antivirus 5 that does not conflict with windows 10 threshold 2 update? The latest version is deactivated and unusable if you install the update.
  3. I am also interested in that topic. So far I have not found any information on how to use our own pki certificates within eset. I hope you find out a solution, but I guess it is just really really poorly implemented. A product that doesn't even have a certificate with any information on the clean install of it's web console and should be used via https looks totally unfinished. That thing came out long ago, I hope development wasn't abandoned.
  4. You expect an upgrade to a completely new software with an installed security suite that blocks all kind of stuff to work? Are you serious? You are not using computers for that long are you? You won't have a good time with linux if that kind of stuff already bothers you. The only reason linux is pretty safe is that no one uses it and crackers haven't yet considered it to be worthwhile for time spending.
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