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  1. Hi Team, In such many case, IT administrator could check the client computer to see what the really problem. So I wondering if, ESET Remote Administrator could have task for "requesting client" to accept for being Remote by IT Administrator. It Isn't automatically, but approve by client was ask by such pop-up ESET (like pop-up for some notification of malware). Thank's. It's just some an idea. Best Regards,
  2. I'm not sure which modules, but for now, i'm exclude the "Jinitiator" folder. Next case, i will try disabling (probably HIPS or Anti-Stealth).
  3. Dear ESET Team, I Have some web application based an Oracle, an user that install Jinitiator. (Oracle 11.1) Before installing ESET Endpoint, we can running this web application on user, and never failed. But when we install ESET Endpoint in some user in couple days (based on Windows XP SP3), it's shows the problem "The Formslauncher failed to connect to the existing form session properly. A Modal window may be open in the existing forms session on your session may have become invalid." And the strange is, after un-install then install again, it's normal. Then another PC in some days it's shows again error. And it's only on Endpoint v6, also in Endpoint v5. Please help this kind isues... Best Regards,
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