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  1. I also have this issue running Eset smart security version 9.0.381.0 on Windows 10 Pro RTM Build 10586.318. I have tried the uninstall/Re-instal in safe mode to no avail the problems remain firewall, IDS and botnet all non functional. Come on eset bang heads with MS and get this sorted, I pay good money for software that is flailing at best.
  2. Hips is still not wotking on Eset 9 with Th2 Sr1 build 10586 which is due for immenant general release. I will not be renewing my subscription in March unless this is rectyfied, I have been loyal to Eset now for over 5 years. I contact MS they say contact Eset, I contact Eset and they say contact MS, I refuse to play this game of virtual ping pong any more, perhaps Eset and MS should talk to each other jsut thinking out of the box here!!!
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