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  1. Sorry Stackz, I'd already looked into that, but the folder for ESET in the start menu is empty, I logged in as administrator and it too is empty do you or anybody else, know what the shortcut points to in the Eset program folder? If I knew that, I could create a shortcut from there
  2. I've managed to delete the desktop shortcut that is installed with ESS is there a way to recreate it? (and it's not in the recycle bin either)
  3. Thanks for the suggestion GonzaloA. I think I might have trialled Keepass at some time in the past, but have been using LastPass for at least 5-6 years now and pretty much stuck with it. I might take another look at Keepass as a backup for banking passwords, seeing it's a stand-alone program so can be used independently of the browser. Regards genevieve.qld
  4. Yes Paul, when I didn't get any response to my post, I found the KB article showing how to disable the Smart Security feature and am now back to using Lastpass in FF as previously. I have too many banking sites & different (hopefully secure) passwords to bother with the manual entry method
  5. Bump! If nobody can answer this my first question, does anybody know how to reverse the option to use Secure Browsing at a banking site, so I can go back to using Lastpass?
  6. It appears that it isn't possible to add Lastpass to the secure browser? Is this because all add-ons are disabled? If so, is there any other password manager that can be used in conjunction with the secure browser ... which in my case, is Firefox.
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