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  1. With an increase in malware for the Mac, it's nice to have a little piece of mind. Eset runs quietly in the background and does not perturb performance. I have it on my Mac Mini and, unless I look up at the top icon on my display, I hardly know it's there... As with most anti-virus software, the signature updates are automatic. Also have the PC version on my wife's machine. It's a good product overall.
  2. Has ANYONE been able to setup the firewall for RDP connection IN to the machine? I tried the advanced setup and created a rule that allowed port 3389 TCP & UDP to ALLOW traffic in and out. The tried connecting to the box. No luck. I then decided to RDP OUT to another box and see what rule it created. Ok, it created on, outbound only, I changed this to in bound and made suire it was for Local and External traffic and I STILL can't get to the machine form an other PC. Has ANYONE got any ideas? I'm going nuts! It looks like a good product.... but if it can't do the basics, why did I upgrade to it?
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