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  1. Yep, but the option is and has been there in the policy settings since I've been selling ESET (circa v6). If the option doesn't work it shouldn't be there, but it really is an option that we need. Every other vendor has had automatic program updates for aeons.
  2. Campbell IT I don't know that you're understanding what your problem is. If your computers are upgraded to 7.3, they are not shutting down due to upgrading, they are shutting down due to a bug in this version that triggers a shut down after a scheduled scan. You need to go into your policy settings and turn off the scheduled scans. And as far as I'm aware the 'Program Update' policy does not and has never worked? I've never been able to get any of my endpoints to automatically update the EES software. Always have to deploy it manually from the server.
  3. Same issue with some but not all computers upgraded to 7.3.2032 with scheduled scans configured via policy in ESMC. Have had a mad scramble the last few days to get all computers on 7.3 due to the W10 2004 blue screen issues...
  4. Galaxy that is what backups and the built in Previous Version feature is for. There is another antivirus product that claims they can do this, but their own engineers on their own website admit it doesn't work lol.
  5. Can we please have the same email account settings in client policies as are available in Server Settings in ERA/ESMC. Currently we can't use Office 365, Hotmail (etc), gmail accounts for notifications from endpoints. I've tried with yahoo which only works some of the time. I'm sure there are other online smtp relay servers and accounts that may work, but the most common for most small businesses would be Office 365 and to a lesser extent Google. I know I can create notifications in ERA/ESMC, but of course these are delayed based on the how long the agent connect interval is set to.
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