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  1. I purchased ESSP, got the new licence details via email, did exactly what you suggested & chose ESSP out of the 3 options given, the installation went smoothly, followed by a reboot. All appears to be working well. Thank you for your help
  2. Thank you very much, Marcos, I will go ahead & purchase a licence for ESSP now & then try what you've suggested.
  3. Hi guys, I have Eset Internet Security & have 4 days until I renew it, but I would like to upgrade to Eset Smart Security Premium.... my question is: do I have to uninstall the EIS software or (if I pay for ESSP) & then download the installer, will it automatically upgrade my software to that version? Thank you in advance JTK
  4. Hi guys, I've seen a lot of threads mention this error 'Error initializing personal firewall' & just wanted to start my own thread re my issues with pc's having this problem... Seeing a firewall problem on 2 pc's, both running Win10 64-bit... 1st pc: Upgraded a month ago from win8.1 to Win10; it had ESS v.8 running without any issues but I chose to upgrade to ESS v.9. when it rebooted it gave the error 'Personal firewall has stopped working'; I ran the un-installer in Safe Mode & re-installed ESS v.8 which has worked successfully since then without any issues, so I'm reluctant to go to v.9 & will leave it for the time being This pc was fully patched prior to & after the Windows upgrade, everything else is working on it 2nd pc: Has had no AV installed but had been scanned clean of viruses Was Win8.1 fully patched, upgraded to Win10 then windows updates done again Installed ESS v.8 & after reboot it gave the error 'Error initializing personal firewall' Not sure whether to try installing v.9 or not? Thanks in advance. Jtk
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