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  1. I AM HAVING SAME PROBLEM. ESET does not have a way to talk to someone. Frustrating.
  2. I just paid for another year of Nod32, it updated me to vs 9.something. I had vs 8 and liked it better. It seemed to be easier to understand and updated every hour. Anyway to go back to that?
  3. I'm not convinced about the high quality of ESET nod32 yet, and I paid for it, it was down all day today while 3 techs fixed it. But, I will give them another chance.
  4. Well, thanks to 3 eset techs and and about 2 and 1/2 hours stretched over 8 hours, windows recognizes the Eset AV again. You can mark that off the bucket list. They went thru the stuff listed here, a Microsoft hotfix. and finally, the good tech, did a uninstall, then a reinstall. His hands were flying over the keyboard. Jim
  5. I'm sorry,I don't understand what that file is about, I e-mailed support, they should get back to me tomorrow. Jim
  6. This did not work any better, could not find phrase ,windows management interface in third step. ESet is a great product, when it is working, but when something goes wrong, it is too much trouble. Why isn't there more customer support, This is not a FREE product,I'm paying for it. I spent 2 hours messing with this thing tonight and I feel frustrated.
  7. I tried what the instructions said, but my computer replied - wrong filename, directory, volume label syntax Jim
  8. I have Eset Nod32 AV vs 8, Have Windows 7 Home Premium,
  9. I am getting a red star by my flag on status bar, that says I have message, message says I have no AV, ESET looks fine. Support said I could just turn off message? Jim
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