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  1. Yes can confirm the updated drivers fix the problems of gui locking up.
  2. Thanks Peter.... If you need to know exactly how or any help in reproducement of the problem let me know. Deviant art, WoW site and even eset are a few goods sites to do the testing on.
  3. This is a bug in eset since the very 1st beta of v7. I had reported it several times over the beta time and even exactly what it was doing and how to reproduce it and the site it manly causes problems on and it still not fixed.
  4. It's a problem with the web module Page loading errors also happen with admuncher. You have to refresh or even sometime clear out browser cache b4 a page will load all the way. I have reported it all ready but not sure its been worked on. Nice to see its doing it with other than admuncher too though. Maybe it will get looked into more now. Yes if your wondering its doing it using SS not sure NOD.
  5. Yep, you can install v6 and webpages will load fine with admuncher or an other AV and everything is fine. All ready have done testing on reported on this. But not sure if they have done anything about it. Something between the hooks in admuncher and the way v7 is wrapping into the admuncher code on the sites is what is causing the problems. You mite have the same problem on a x86 OS but not tested on it so not sure. Only done testing on win7 pro x64 and win 8/8.1 x64 Pro. and problem shows up with v7 only.
  6. Should be all good now, new moduals are out with win 8.1 support.
  7. Yep this can be considered fixed with the new modual updates. HIPS is running again. Still have the ASM lag but working in general it is now lol.
  8. I'm hoping we have had work done on the AMS, that make the system lag at times after coming back from an idel system for aroun 15 mins or more. Also, that we have finally fixed the page break/not loading complety with admuncher installed on x64 systems.
  9. Nope not tested 6 or would have noted it. But mite get around to testing it latter. As for reboot, yes several times since im setting up my main system on win8.1 x64 Pro.
  10. Just so you know and I do relize that is only out for OEM ppl like me for right now. But the only the HIPS is the major bug in 8.1 x64 RTM. HIPS is disabled and will not turn on even using pre-database options for updates. Here is the error:
  11. Peronally I don't care what they use for a GUI, but it would be nice to be able to make our own GUI for it.
  12. Yes, its fun watching the non-ever ending spinning logo lol, Modual updates is the problem. Win 8 pro x64.
  13. Ok so with update build 104. The page not loading all the way has gotten worse. Now also on win8 Pro x64. Its doing it on a lot of sites now too. Deviant Art, Yahoo, forums and a lot of other so its not site related. I can uninstall ad muncher and then loads are better but still random. Its a problem on the eset side. As testing with KIS page loads work fine. Does it more in FF v22 too than in Chrome v28.
  14. Exclusion working fine on Win8 x64. Just make sure you no no app is not running at time of exclusion b/c then. Yes it will get what is running in mem at the time.
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