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    tsaaaar gave kudos to trnx in ESET PROTECT on-prem component upgrade failed   
    Hi, I have similar problem.
    I think the problem appeared when ESET first time released new ESET PROTECT appliance on Rocky. The version of appliance was After release, ESET realized there is some issue within appliance (probably the issue with ODBC) so they removed a new appliance and returned the old appliance on CentOS to download.
    Without any warning or information, they didn't publicly notify anybody about the situation (at least there was no information on the website). And because I had downloaded appliance, I haven't to download it again, so I kept using it.
    And now my ESET PROTECT servers didn't receive a new update (
    Please, don't expect any help from ESET, it's waste of time. I only wanted to inform other people with the same issue because I see nobody answer you for almost a month. 
    It's probably revenge for not paying for the cloud.
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