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  1. Hi, I was able to fix the problem during a telephone conference with ESET support. We circumvented the problem by doing a manual offline installation and giving proxy certificate and CA certificate manually. Thanks for your assistance. Best regards, Raetke Schönig
  2. Hi Tomas, sadly I can't find any log files. No sub folder is created during the installation. Is there any other way to check for installation log files?
  3. Hi, I'm having difficulties during the installation of the MDC component for ERA 6. When the installer asks for the Certificate I supply it with everything it wants to know but when I come to the step where it wants to connect to the ERA, I receive an error message that no connection to the CA could be made. The CA in this case is our domain controller so obviously the connection is fine and everything is reachable. Did I make a mistake with the certificate or where is this coming from? Anybody have an idea? Best regards, Raetke Schönig
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