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  1. I still haven't figured out how to allow ICMP from being filtered by ESET firewall. Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply! Something like this? Very top one is what I just added in the rest are predefined. Anything I need to remove or try as is?
  3. Specs Windows 10 x64 Pro 1703 ESET 10 Smart Security Firefox 57 x64 DD-WRT - 33770M Kong's Build R7000 Router --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm trying to allow ICMP packets through ESET without disabling firewall altogether using IPV6. Using this website hxxp://ipv6-test.com I get 17/20 with ESET firewall enabled and 20/20 with it disabled. What setting in ESET firewall do I allow or disable for it not to filter ICMP? "Your router or firewall is filtering ICMPv6 messages sent to your computer. An IPv6 host that cannot receive ICMP messages may encounter problems like some web pages loading partially or not at all." Any help would be appreciated - I've narrowed it down to ESET with it's firewall disabled it works just fine.
  4. https://mike.kaply.com/2016/09/01/upcoming-changes-to-root-certificates-in-firefox-on-windows/ Is this what you are talking about? I just set it to true. Let's see how it works out.
  5. It happens on firefox and edge aswell. Don't know what causes it. I haven't had issues since I erased eset completely > reset windows firewall to default > reinstalled eset as of YET. Could be extension related as well don't know I use ublock origin + privacy badger. It just randomly started to occur recently as before I'd see it maybe once in a while not over and over on the same certificate I just allowed + remembered.
  6. Yup, I haven't had any issues until the past few weeks. I went ahead uninstalled eset > reboot > deleted any folders + anything in regedit relating to eset > reset windows firewall back to default > reboot > reinstalled eset. I'll continue to post them as they come because this wasn't happening before and I've been on eset v10 since it went public.
  7. No. I'm using ublock origin and privacy badger as my only two addons. I've uninstalled firefox from the control panel > Deleted anything in appdata > deleted folder in program data > deleted folder in program files > restarted pc > reinstalled firefox. I've tried guide hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3126/?locale=en_US along with uninstall eset > restart > reinstall eset. Still having the issue.
  8. It pops up on amazon,ebay, news websites, etc. I've seen untrusted cert pop up just opening the browser page to the default homepage (google) and when opening plex @ Even after I've allow it as a trusted certificate + remember it still pops up. < This is with firefox on windows 10. It also happens on my other computer that is still on windows 7 and uses google chrome by just going to the default homepage (google) same thing allow + remember still pops up later on same certificate. This is me just doing a google search nothing else. I'll add more as they come.
  9. I constantly get this same issue on almost every web page amazon, newegg, etc. I've tried this several times along with reinstalling ESET hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3126/?locale=en_US I get the same certificate pop up even after trusting it and remembering it. Nothing seems to work. Firefox x64 52.0.2 Windows 10 pro x64 bit - 1607 ESET Smart Sec - 10.0.390.0 Not using any VPN add ons or openvpn.
  10. GettingJS/ScrInject.B Trojan and HTML/Refresh.BC trojan on Amazon, Crunchyroll, Ebay, Funimation, etc. It terminates connection to all said websites. Windows 7 x64, ESET 9.0.349.0 - Virus signature database version 13102
  11. Yup, Getting the same message on amazon and crunchyroll website. Also, HTML/Refresh.BC trojan on a few other major websites.
  12. Yup, Windows 7 x64 here. When I first start my computer ever since upgrading programs lag for several minutes into the boot. All programs go unresponsive for a short period - after that it seems to run flawlessly. I've seen random spikes cpu usage in task manager during virus scans 14% to 70%, etc.
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