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  1. Installed the beta 6.7.600.0 patch on the MacbookPro with most issues and so far so good no more crashes! Thanks!
  2. Had this issue also yesterday with a MacBook Pro 13 inch late 2016. It kept crashing randomly. I was planning to downgrade ESET tonight (like now) however this Macbook hasn't crashed anymore since late this afternoon and everything looks stable now. Submit statistics is enabled so you should have received the reports maybe about 40 times since yesterday. Edit: It doesn't seem to happen as often anymore, but I just had a crash a day later. I'm not sure if this would help but here is the panic report. MacOS Panic report.pdf
  3. Have a look at the last section: https://developer.apple.com/library/content/technotes/tn2459/_index.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/DTS40017658
  4. Just installed this update now I found this threat. I never ever got a notification there was a newer version available till I reloaded ESET on my Mac. Would be nice to have some function to enforce a check for application updates, so far so good I haven't found any other method then reloading ESET.
  5. One of the best releases so far since I've been using this software for more than 6 months. Usually after a large uptime, I got slower HTTP reactions. or connection problems, and then the whole proxy just dies. So far so good, I haven't seen this back after the latest patch. Thank You!
  6. This is still occurring after upgrading to OSX 10.11.1 and I believe it got worse, usually I have freezing issues after serval hours (lets say 4 hours). But yesterday after the upgrade I had the problem within 30 min and twice in a row. I'n not sure what happens with a different user, I just ended up uninstalling Eset for now and everything is good again. I'm running currently a evaluation version which is about to end, so for now I'll wait purchasing a licence till this is fixed.
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