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  1. This feature (request) is not necessary anymore. Adding the address or domain of the second part (after "namens") to the ESS 'White list' is doing what I wanted. Some additional information. An example of the full sender address information of such emails: <service=milieudefensie.nl@mail3.suw15.mcsv.net>; namens; Ike Teuling <service@milieudefensie.nl> Until recently, I did not try e.g. @milieudefensie.nl in the ESS 'White list' because that domain is already in my Outlook 'Safe Sender List' and that don't work. So, it's nearly sure that Outlook is using the first addr
  2. I understand that you receive legitimate emails (probably a kind of newsletters) from email addresses like those you've mentioned and ESET's Antispam evaluates them as spam which is not what you want. ...... Hello Marcos, I thought (or at least was hoping) that my information was detailed enough to understand the situation. #1. Very important is: it is not a problem that is caused by or related to ESS. #2. Emails from unknown senders are directed/saved to the "unwanted" folder (that depends on my Outlook configuration). #3. Adding "once-only" sender addresses to the 'Safe Sen
  3. Please contact Customer care and provide them with examples of the emails that are incorrectly blocked. Maybe their sender has the IP address blacklisted due to sending out spam in the past and it might be safe to unblock it now. Hello Marcos, I have already had e-mail contact with ESET Support about this subject. It took many replies before the "supporter" understood the situation and what I was asking. The correspondence has Ticket ID: 23851, however it is in Dutch. His final response was that this feature is available in 'ESET Mail Security' (however, I could not find something lik
  4. I would like to have a "keyword" option for the white (and black) list of ESS. I have a few e-mail subscriptions where the sender address is different every time. That means that adding such an address or domain to the white list is useless. And unfortunately, every new e-mail is marked as SPAM and saved at that location. A few examples: service=milieudefensie.nl@mail3.suw15.mcsv.net service=milieudefensie.nl@mail91.atl71.mcdlv.net service=milieudefensie.nl@mail85.atl71.mcdlv.net service=milieudefensie.nl@mail9.suw15.mcsv.net What should be possible is adding the stable part of su
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