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  1. We resolved the issue. As stated, ESET correctly identified a problem with the remote site. It turned out that the backend of the site was utilizing components that had issues. We alerted the developer who deployed a different version of the backend components resolving the issue.
  2. FYI we are running into the same issue with our own web site backend.
  3. We installed Eset secure authentication on both of our Exchange (DAG) servers. This works fine until I need to bring one of the two servers down or CU updates are applied. If I bring one server down even after making the remaining server the active database holder, the OWA and ECP web sites are no longer served until both are brought back up. Likewise most CU updates completely eliminate the ability to use OWA and ECP. Typically if I just remove ESET SA from both servers after a CU update, OWA and ECP work again and I can re-install ESET SA and it will work again (excepting the single server issue above). However some windows updates, break OWA and ECP again to the point that removing ESET SA does not work... the only fix being to apply a full CU install. Is there a way to fix this or a guide on setting up ESET SA on an Exchange Dag? Thanks!
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