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  1. Hi, What i'm waiting most for a lot of time, is a complete sandox included in smart security as Kaspersky does. It is a very important tool for security and you begin shyly this year to introduce it with the new Banking and Payment Protection, which is a sort of small sandbox for some specific usage. In my opinion, this tool is too limited for the moment and not enough convenient for daily use. There is no direct access (have to open smart security panel and go to tools) instead of a quick access by the tray menu or right click menu. Also it doesn't cover all the banking needs where security is particulary important. For example, my bank provide me a tool to connect to it to ask for a virtual card number before shopping, to avoid to give my real card number. This tool can't be protected by your new system because it seems to protect only Internet Explorer, as far as i understand it. So I dream of a real complete sandbox, easy to use (right click menu, "load application in sandbox") that allow to use any program in a secure environment (to protect from keylogger, screen capture and so on). Can be also very useful to test a new software safely, if we are not sure that it can contains some malware. Thanks for reading.
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