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    MHRSFI gave kudos to itman in URL/Urlik.AAR Object - pastebin - virus?   
    Change the rule to the following;
    1 . In the Source applications window, delete C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe. In the top window, select "All applications."
    2. In the Applications section, in the top window select "Specific applications." Then add C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe and C:\Windows\SysWOW64\cmd.exe.
    This will show what is running cmd.exe. I suspect it will show svchost.exe which really tell us nothing since we need to know what service is being used.
    Post a screen shot of the Eset alert. I believe that might show the service being used.
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    MHRSFI received kudos from MarcFL in PC Security Channel claims Ransomware Shield Doesn't work - Asks for Eset Comment   
    In my experience with multiple commercial products, I find ESET one of the most reliable and easy to use product (I don't mean its prefect at all) but I do think HIPS setting of the product it's a little bit confusing! For example, it's not clear what Smart/Auto filtering modes do differently!
    Or having a webpage for some manual rule to protect against ransomware! Shouldn't this be part of the options in product?
    Even in these 2 webpages, there isn't a lot of explanation why you should set these rules.
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    MHRSFI gave kudos to itman in Firewall isn't available in Server Security   
    My guess is something is screwed up with the installer's validation of Eset Protect existence;
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