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  1. Pause protection can be found as follows: - Open Eset NOD32 Antivirus 10 - Setup - Computer Protection - Real-time file system protection - switch button to left and you can make your choice. It is still there, but a little bit more hidden.
  2. My previous posting was about my experiences on Friday and Saturday afternoon. I had now NOD32 9.0.408 installed and everything seemed working. However Saturday evening some updates for NOD32 failed, busy server or something. Also my email program did not receive and could not send anymore. So I wondered about problems at my ISP. But my browsers (2) worked without problems. So I decided to sleep on it. This morning (Sunday) updates for NOD32 failed again (server something). Emails could not be received (server something) But my other antivirus (not real-time, on request only) updat
  3. I was a long-time user of Eset NOD32 (ENU) (license valid till 15-09-2017). But I got a trial license (6 months) from my ISP (NLD) for Eset Internet Suite. So I installed Eset Internet Security 10.0.359 (NLD) to look for advantages (if any) over NOD32. The trial was a success, I found out that for me EIS has no advantages over NOD32. I had a separate firewall and could check what was happening, while the firewall of EIS was totally mysterious, no information for me whatsoever to be found. YESTERDAY When I read about 9.0.408, I decided it was time for me to go back to NOD32, version 9.
  4. Today all day Last successful update showed 2016-07-22 20:36:26, date/time from late yesterday. This is odd because I did not switch of my computer before this date/time, so it was not updated after a cold start. Today version updates 13848, 13849, 13850 without changes to Last successful update. Imo these are statements made by marketing not by technicians! Long time ago I was a (Cobol) programmer and a good one. Fixing a bug is *never* an excuse for a new bug, proper testing should have prevented this! And please do not say that fixing two (2) bugs is not an easy t
  5. I can confirm this. I switch off my computer every night and switch on every morning. Yesterday Last successful update did nor change. Today the first update after switching on was recorded. Last successful update 2016-07-22 8:46:26 (version 13842) Later in the morning I switched off and in the afternoon I switched on. No updates were recorded anymore since first start this morning. Updates 13843, 13844, 13845 and 13846 passed without changes to Last Successful update. (all dates/times my time.) I will ignore Last Successful update (I can also look in Log files / Events)
  6. This morning Last Successful update shows 2016-07-20 21:46:44. That is for database version 13834, so the time was updated yesterday. However Virus signature database version shows 13837 (20160721) And Log files / Events shows latest update (13837) was 2016-07-21 11:51:28 (all dates/times are my time) So I still have a problem, only occasionally (?) update of the Last successful update? Hello Siljaline, yes we meet regularly in a newsgroup. Latest version announced by Eset in this forum is 375, I discovered the release of 381 and 386 via other channels. One may wonder
  7. I can confirm the issue. Yesterday I upgraded from version 9.0.381.0 to 9.0.386.0 (Win7HP64SP1) Last successful update (Update) is shown as 2016-07-19 20:32:41 (my time) However that is for database version 13828. After that there were updates for database version 13830,13831 and 13832. (as I could see in Log files / Events with different date/time stamp) But the date/time stamp of the last successful update has not changed anymore. Also in Tools / Scheduler I can see that updates were done at a later date/time. (latest regular automatic update 2016-07-20 14:46:27 (my time)
  8. Thank you, Marcos, for your answer. I use Win7HP64SP1. As a firewall I have PrivateFirewall installed. hxxp://www.privacyware.com/PF_support.html NOD32 and PrivateFirewall do not cooperate (very well), I have to switch off HIPS in NOD32 to enable the firewall to work, if I don't switch off HIPS my computer freezes. In version 8 switching off HIPS gave no problems, but in version 9 I get the permanent red screen. I refer to this topic: https://forum.eset.com/topic/6258-disabling-hips-alert-in-v9/ and NOD32 is also not cooperating with another firewall (Agnitum FW). You state t
  9. Three times I tried to upgrade from Eset NOD32 8.0.312 to 9.0.318. Three times after the first restart when I clicked in the icon in the taskbar for NOD32 my computer froze, even the time stopped. Some time after my last restore back to 8.0.312, I remembered that I had similar problems when upgrading from version 7 to version 8. Eset NOD32 and my firewall (PrivateFirewall) did not work together very well and in the end I had to turn of HIPS in NOD32 and everything worked fine. So I spent many hours examining various scenarios with NOD32 with and without HIPS and with several firewall
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