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  1. Disabling Deep Behavior Inspection worked. Is it possible not to always have to disable it? I tried adding an exclusion to the .exe and the source folder, it didn't work. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have Endpoint Antivirus version 11.02044.0 installed, I am having problems using and running certain software. Normal operation: I run .exe as administrator, a window opens, in that window I select an option and depending on which option I select, another software opens. With HIPS enabled (and the program added as an exclusion in the "Rules" section) it does not work. I can select the option but it never executes the action of opening what was requested. With HIPS disabled (post reboot), the program works without problems. Any solution? Is there something I'm doing wrong in the HIPS exclusions? I appreciate your help.
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