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  1. https://www.eset.com/sk/download/domacnosti/detail/family/5/#offline
  2. ESS 9 has many bugs that's why we will have to wait a looong time
  3. I have brand - fresh system. I re-install Windows 8.1 several days ago. Chrome works good. My browser was update to new version few days ago. Maybe this is problem?
  4. This Not Found issue is every time when I go to IPKO.pl site. I can't log in to my bank account. Other subsections of the eset.com and eset.eu websites are open, but when I add /BPPRedirector/ESET-Redirect-Switch?token=b4d155a50e9f3aff4db297b0 is the same issue Not Found. BTW in Internet Explorer everything works fine, but I prefer Chrome...
  5. Hello. I have the same problem with banking protection of my IPKO Bank in Chrome 46.0.2490.80 m (64-bit). When I go to my bank site I have this:
  6. Maybe new release of ESS will be on Cloud? RAM usage will be lower and 0-day detection will be much better? What do you think about this: Eset Cloud-Security?
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