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  1. On 7/12/2020 at 9:36 PM, r1man said:

    In the main window, when clicking Computer Scan, and then Scan your computer, it starts the full scan, right? 


    Then if I go to the main window again and this time, click the number 2 indicated in the screenshot, it creates new scan?



    So why multiple FULL scans at the same time, is that a bug? 


    This is the way If you would like to scan for some objects, for i.e if you would like to scan only the file you can right clicks on the file then the No.1 shortcut menu will appear, if you would like to scan the hole your computer then you can use the No.2 Menu, you can use simultaneous scanning with the above menus. There are also another pop menu to scan the media when the Media Plugin into your computer, if you  activated this menu as per screen shot.

    Pop Up Scan Menu.jpg

    Removable Media.jpg

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