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  1. First I have to thank you for listening and reading our posts here regarding v6. Second, my two companies that have together 100 clients have extended licenses for one more year since we are very happy with v5 product we are monitoring v6 development and have postponed decision for antivirus switch on to next year. The main reason we don't need product like v6 is usability on administration side. For example, yesterday you had problem with your antivirus definition database. With the blazing speed I was able to see that version is 13102 on my ERA v5 server and that clients most probably have
  2. First of all: good to see replies by ESET staff in this thread. It tells me you are now indeed listening to customers' feedback. We are now using version 6.3 of ERA and we are still having some issues. Some of them (reset cloned agents) we have already escalated through ESET Netherlands. Since version 6.3 we have seen big improvements, specifically for tasks. However, I do hope that the agent/av itself receive some love as well: in all the years we have been using ESET we hever had any problems with installing clients. Untill version 6.2 of the clients and agents: msi installer failures over
  3. Hello Jim, I am not sure why this works for you, but for us id did not. I have edited the command to be as follows, after which it works: msiexec /qr /i "hxxp://repository.es.../Agent_x64.msi"ALLUSERS=1 /norestart P_CONNECTION_CHOSEN=Host P_HOSTNAME=Our.FQDN P_PORT=OurPort Just the REBOOT=Reallysuppress has been replaced by /norestart. I think the first is meant to be used in the config of the .msi file itself? Also I am not giving a portnumber, just the fqdn. Thank you for the help! @ ESET: upgrading this via the remote administrator components upgrade tasks fails for me wi
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