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  1. I don't know why but this morning ESET has stopped saying there's a problem with my router. Maybe the module updates that came this morning affected it? That's the only thing that I know changed. Or maybe the there's a time limit as to how long it can be concerned with an issue.
  2. Wow!! That's a lot to take in. I ran the port tests and they all passed. I ran a ten second scan of port 443 and it passed that. That makes me think it's not really a problem. If something gets past the router does ESET block it? And, as we do have 4 TV's all with a Roku box connected and 4 computers that are networked plus 2 printers it sounds like I should leave it set as it is. Three of the computers are usually connected by ethernet. Maybe I could get ESET to ignore the issue? If so, how would I do it?
  3. Ok. I also have a screeny of the Router info pertaining to Port 443
  4. After I scanned my home network with ESET Internet Security V the "Connected Home Monitor" started showing my router has "Sensitive open network services". It has password protected WPA2 security enabled. When I go into the router settings the only thing I notice that might be wrong is it's not set to hide the SSID. I don't know where to go from there. Update: I just noticed the details. It says Port 443 services TLS1.0 TLS 1.1 TLS1.2 TCP reachable from the internet. From what I was just reading it looks like this should be Ok. Should it be blocked from inbound communication
  5. It's doing Ok on 16296 and 16299 except the secured browser doesn't work at all. At least for me it doesn't. If it works for yall and you can tell me how to get it to work I'd appreciate someone telling me.
  6. Is ESET working on blocking the QuadRooter Vulnerability? Or are they going to let the "Verify Apps" feature in Android be our only line of defense?
  7. The other day my computer came up with a third user account with a randomly lettered name too. Someone who was at my place tried to start up and use my computer. They were using the Phantom account when I got home since they couldn't use my account. They were looking for some online info. There was nothing malicious going on. It triggered the Antitheft website to question if my computer was stolen. I take it that ESS started up a new phantom account because antitheft thought the computer was stolen. It wouldn't allow me to delete this account until after I went to the Antitheft website and ass
  8. Not sure which version you installed but v9 is no longer a beta. Ok that's something else I was unaware of. But, after shooting my mouth off, finally doing a little searching and finding that I couldn't install version 9 directly over version 8 and making myself look and feel like a fool I redid it and it's all good. Thanks Marcos. It's good to see you again. Update: I spoke too soon about everything being good. I was still getting terrible lag while web browsing. Now it could be that I just missed where it said I needed to delete the Eset folders in App Data. I don't know. But after
  9. I updated to the version 9 beta and immediately my computer started lagging like crazy. I went back to version 8 and it's running good again. But that's to be expected when beta testing. I'll wait for an update then I might try again.
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