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  1. Good evening, I wanted to know how I have to do to report to eset malware that is reported on the web from VT and that are not detected by eset and which are not in possession of the sample such as this https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/4afd20faad22e65d1417e8244a88a62292545a7e426ec013eb936fccc2ecbb2a/analysis/ thanks
  2. Hallo Tomzen, We have already reported this issue, but nevertheless it was not done anything to solve the problem https://forum.eset.com/topic/6289-eset-nod32-9-and-database/
  3. I do not have any secrets to hide in my PC, but I do not intend to let anyone in my pc through remote assitance. The problem of updating the database is still present in version 9 and I found on another PC with the same problem. If you do not Provide to fix it I say goodbye to ESET nod32 Best regards and for me the matter is closed
  4. Hallo caani, I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem. This means that it is most likely a bug Thanks
  5. I mean maybe I hurt with my broken English The database is updated, but in the gui there is indicates an old database. I installed nod 32 Italian on another pc and I have the same problem If you solve the problem ok, otherwise patience keep using version 8 Best regards.
  6. Excuse me but I think it is a bug, at least in the Italian version I upgraded my OS to Windows 10 and I put the version 9 of ESET nod32 and the problem is still present Best regards
  7. This is great news, we appreciate your effort, we look forward. Thank you
  8. sorry I installed version 8 I could not continue with the version 9 in this way. Best regards
  9. no information about database installed
  10. Tomorrow I will do this check, however, I get the same version of the database by clicking on the icon in the systray
  11. hxxp://postimg.org/image/k37piatld/ sorry but at the moment I have only a screen of yesterday and I'm working on a linux pc
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