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  1. I too have been using Eset since version 2 and couldn't imagine putting anything else on my pc's. Keep up the great work guys! I don't care about comparative tests (never bothered to look at one) and I suggest the same to everyone else. Real time results are what counts.
  2. Same thing happening using v11 anti virus. Comes and goes sporadically.
  3. I'll buy that , keep up the great work guys.
  4. Also noticed when you hover the mouse on the systray icon it no longer shows the virus definition, Intended?
  5. I installed v11 av over 10.1.235 without importing settings. It seems all settings remained the same. Just had the problem with the pre-release option not allowing regular update to work.
  6. I had to change update type to regular update from pre-release. Automatically started downloading updates after the change and everything worked afterwards. Thanks
  7. So I installed version 11.0.144 successfully, rebooted and all is well. Until I went to import/export settings. It stuck processing, won't complete. Also noticed in updates it says "update has not been checked yet" with no way to manually update definitions. On bottom of screen it says check for updates but only checks for products.
  8. I know someone that had issues with chrome, turned out there were some experimental settings added, sorry don't know what they were.
  9. Problem solved. Seems you need to keep the email clients checked whether you use them or not. A bug? Checking one wasn't enough.
  10. Just updated from latest v8 to v9 and on home section there's a security alert with e-mail client protection is non-functional. This funcionality could not be started. Any ideas? Thanx in advance.
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