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  1. Apparently it is not the right place, as it is being ignored for a months now.
  2. Can you please direct me to the correct forum in the forum system?
  3. Dear ESET, It has been about three months where you show a false positive on our software. By doing so, you are hurting businesses and users around the world, keeping them from using our translation software. We receive many complaints about the issue on a daily basis, asking us to assist them - however we could not find a way where you software will allow our software to be installed - even when the user adds exceptions and more. We have submitted our files to submit@eset.com many times and have never received a single reply. We have submitted our software for white listing through whitelist@eset.sk as requested more than a few times - and never got any reply as well. The support in Israel as well the US claim that they can not offer any help and that we should keep emailing the addresses mentioned above. How many more emails should we send you until you will honor us with a reply? How long will our mutual users should suffer due to your decision to ignore our communications? I assume that once again you will lock this thread and ignore us as you have done a number of times before, but i hope you will prove me wrong. Regards, Ran Eyal Babylon Software LTD.
  4. Dear ESET, We have followed all of your instructions to clear our name, but we feel that you not only ignore our attempts, but also looking to hurt our users in every possible way available in your arsenal. We have reported the false positive on our installation file, and you started flagging our website. We reported the false positive on our websites and you started alerting about our software's extensions. We have applied for your white-listing process, but received no response from you. You claim that our software is "a variant of Win32/Toolbar.Babylon.AO.gen potentially unwanted'. Indeed we are Babylon Software - a legitimate software developing company that provides free translation to the user at a click. (with paid premium options) Indeed we install two extensions - one in IE and one in MS office - extensions that are required for the proper function of the one click translation feature that the user is told about. These extensions pass the word / term the user clicked on to request it to be translated, together with non-identifiable data. There is no toolbar, there is no privacy issue - our software in not potentially unwanted as the user requested it by visiting our site and requesting to download and install it. Some of our users also decided to go a step further and pay for premium features that you are blocking. We receive numerous complaints from our users about your software which is currently malfunctioning. Please correct the issues ASAP or reply with detailed info about what you believe to be faulty with our software so we may either defend it or correct it. Waiting to hear back from you. Ran Eyal VP of Sales and Marketing Babylon Software LTD. https://www.babylon-software.com
  5. Dear Sir / Madam, According to virustotal.com (https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/e9083f4e055a7fbd09f6ac84491f7512ecfbd4a7d0f6a6d7d6812fd842cf933d/detection) you are showing a false positive on our installer – BabylonNG_setup.exe. We would like for you to correct this false positive ASAP or alert us about any fault you might have identified so we will correct it ASAP. Our software is a free translation software with paid premium features. Our installation is clean and anything installed is simply to obtain the word the user clicked on in the request to translate it. This is our main feature and the user agrees to it during the installation. We have also applied to your whitelisting process but did not hear back from you. Awaiting your prompt response, Ran Eyal VP of Sales and Marketing Babylon Software LTD.
  6. Dear Sir/Madam, I am contacting you regarding a false identification of our site – dl.babsft.com. Your Anti-Virus software identifies our download link as 'Potentially unwanted content found', telling the user that 'This web page is on the list of websites with dubious reputation or websites with potentially unwanted content. By doing so, you are misleading our users and causing significant damage to our revenues. I am not sure whether you are aware of the fact that Babylon Software LTD. has purchased the translation business in its entirety from Babylon LTD.. Babylon Software LTD. focuses on using a clean software solely for translation purposes, which comes with no bundles or search properties in any way or form. All of our installation files are also signed with our new signature. If you wish to re-inspect our software, you can download it from our site at hxxp://www.babylon.com. If you still find anything improper, we would be happy to hear about it and correct it. We believe that the aforementioned is caused due to a misunderstanding on your end, as you were not informed of the modifications that were recently made in our translation software, and that you will correct the false identification ASAP. Please inform us when the correction has been applied so we will be able to verify it. Regards, Ran Eyal │ Head of Marketing and Media │ Babylon Software Ltd.
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