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  1. Hello all together. The "pure" Nod32 Version is paid license of Eset NOD32 Antivirus for 5 users/PCs/smartphones With "pure" i mean the nod32 AV Version without Firewall or additional tools, which can give more security but also more administrative stress, if you have a home network under win10 and want to print from another computer. I'm no network crack at all. Hoping this will clear the situation. I am paying eset customer since Version 4.x btw.:-)
  2. Hello, had the same problem on two machines, one with Nod32 (pure) and one with Internet Security . no version update from 14.2.10 to 14.2.19 I did the reommandation (Clear Cache , "Cache löschen") as mentioned in [KB3189] Resolve modules update errors in ESET Windows home products and cleared the cache. updates Came at once.
  3. After ESET Update i looked at lusermgr.msc and found a funny user named "ydffggrr" (or so). But this User was not visible in the normal Windows 10 User-Interface ? 😞 I did like described above started "my eset.com" --> "Anti Theft Procedure". I was asked to install the Phantom user "Alexander". I did. Nothing happened after this. Computer Reboot. Nothing. Computer shut down again and went to sleep. This morning restarted the Computer and Alexander is there 🙂 I entered the "Alexander" User works like usual "Hello, please wait while we install…." , but Harddrive "D" is blocked (no Access). (Windows is on Drive "C") I started lusrmgr.msc again, the funny user "ydffggrr" is gone :-) Alexander is there and in the Windows 10 user interface, too. Just for the records: Should Alexander be used one time, to Setup the complete account or is this not necessary? I think, the Thief would be suspicious, if entering into an account, which never had been started before..
  4. Interesting Information. Thank You. When will the Rollout of Version 13.0 begin?
  5. Interesting. Are sure with this numbering? My ESET NOD 32 tells me to reboot for new Version (Windows 10 Pro 1903 18362.418) BTW; If I check the file versions with the offical numbering, there is a difference. I thinks the guys at ESET Marketing are wide Forward with their numbering, as the technicians Count much slower. I've made a private list of found Eset Versions (all downloaded at eset.com) Official - Internally - - - - - (!) - (!) 11.1.42 - 10.3.376.0 11.1.54 - 10.3.403.0 11.2.49 - 11.2.63 - - - - - - - - - ??
  6. Google Chrome 76.3809.100 recommends me after startup to uninstall ESET, as ESET crashes Chrome. Should I uninstall Chrome instead ? 🙂
  7. Hello together, itman had the right idea. I ran chkdsk /f and asked me to reboot the computer, after the check installation was possible again. Hint for the ESET Programmers: A short information text , when error messages pops up, would be useful. Thanks to all for support :-)
  8. Hello, today is June the 14th, I posted this one week ago, 96 people viewed, no idea at all? Or is the support technician at vacation? I'm ESET Customer since version 4.x or 5.x and ... a littlebit disappointed.
  9. Had Windows 10 1709 / 32 Bit with ESET 32 Nod 32 11.1.54 Deinstalled it, upgraded to Windows 10 1803 / 32 bit. Reinstalled Eset Nod 32 and got the here described contemporary error. Reinstalled Windows 10 1803 / 64 Bit and used it for a few days. Now I try to install ESET NOD32 64 (Full Download or Installer) and get the unexspected Error 0x000003ED (1005) - Please contact support. Search engine leads me to support eset.com telling me an issue with Windows 10 1803, but nothing more. adwcleaner (malwarebytes.com) found 6 PUP (possible unwanted programs), deleted it, but ESET still refuses to work. What can I do?
  10. Hello to Bratislava :-) I have various Computers with ESET NOD32 running on it. Two identical Lenovo - same Hardware (Mainboard/processor/graphics) - running both under Windows 10 (1709 10.16299.371) and one Computer with Windows 7 Pro. On one of the Win 10 and the Win 7 Computer I got offered the update to 11.1.42 and I did it. All went fine. On the remaining Win 10 machine no update was offered. Even if i click manually for update, no offering. Did you stop the offering (why?) or what are the criteria for an update? thanks for Support.
  11. I tried to update from Windows 1703 to 1709 but got Error 0x80D02002. So I uninstalled ESET 10.0.219 , updated to Windows 10.16299.19 and reinstalled ESET NOD32 yesterday evening via Downloader from eset.com/de/download To my suprise it installed ESET 11.0.131 I took a look on this forum, but I didn't find any announcement yet, maybe I've looked the wrong pages. Whats new on 11.0 ?
  12. Hello, Problem solved. Marcos reviewed the Logs and found that Malwarebytes (free version) was running, which could have an impact. I deinstalled ESET with the Uninstaller Tool (Reboot in Safe mode) with a administrator privilegue account. After reboot I installed 10.0.359 on this account. After one more reboot i upgrade to 10.0.369 Now is all ok again. Thanks to Marcos and his team.
  13. Hi Marcos, thanks for the fast reply. I've sent you 2 Logfiles, one with 10.0.359 the other with 10.0.369 and looking forward to your research. Update: Link for you repaired.
  14. Hello, I upgraded from 9.0.402.1 o 10.0.359.1 and all went fine. Now I discovered 10.0.369.1 (three six nine) downloaded and upgraded it, Computer is absolutely slow now. Everything works but absolutely slow. I deinstalled Nod32 with the ESET Uninstaller Tool ( in Safe mode, reinstalled 10.0.369.1 directly via smartinstaller from your site ... absolutely slow. Next step I will reinstall 10.0.359.1 again (three five nine) and keep you informed.
  15. Hello, i've contacted a T-Mobile Germany Representative and they could reconstruct the problem and implemented a fix for it. The issue should be resolved in the whole Network of T-Mobile Germany ("Telekom D1") Thanks to Marcos for the initial hint.
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