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  1. Hello I have installed Windows and there is no problem with the hard drive, and it's healthy. Do you have other solutions?
  2. Hi again, Given that I could not upload the file to the site, I have uploaded it to the server, please check it out. https://ufile.io/3joy3 thank you for helping
  3. Hi I installed the new Windows on my computer and after installing the drivers, I installed antivirus eset nod32, but I encountered some errors. Please take a look at the problem of what? Of course, when I connect to the Internet with a Lan cable, it's a surprise sign (yellow) on the network's icons, but web pages and ... (opens) connect to the Internet.
  4. Another problem with the antivirus version 11: The cafe management program closes after a few seconds! Do you have any solution?
  5. I downloaded and executed the file, but after running it, nothing happened and file did not deliver me as a report.
  6. @cyberhash I mean, the glasswire software has been installed, but since I installed the new version of Eset I will not run it. I do not double-click on it to run!
  7. I only use the free glasswire version without a firewall. But since I installed the 11th antivirus, I have not implemented it anymore I think the problem is something else ?!
  8. Hi, Sometimes I encounter this error and sometimes this error is not shown. Can you guide me to solve this problem? Meanwhile, the Internet has no problems and my current position in Iran. Thanks
  9. Hi Is the release date of version 11 or 2018 of the eset products specified? Please tell us at least the estimated time or delivery time With special thanks.
  10. I've had this problem before with version 9 and I have to install any antivirus and now with version 10, there is still the problem for me.....!!
  11. Hi, i install the eset smart V10 on my notebook and haven't any problem. but when i install it on My PC , it make lag and freezing. My main Board is : GPU:9400GT Ram:4GB Os: Win 7 64bit note: window`s Update is disabled and Firewall is off. What am i do??? Help me to solving this Problem
  12. When ready, ie. soon. The beta version is updated to the final version? Hello again Is the beta version to the final version of the update? sorry for language
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