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  1. Hello, We recently install an eset protect with a eset cloud security and we've got an application that send multiple mail per day to our mailbox. Since we install the eset cloud security only 5~10% of the application mail arrived to our mailbox. It's send by the same automated user everytime In our eset web app I can't see any of this mail block. In the application we can see the following error : hardbounce : No smtp events bad mailbox : smtp; 554 5.7.1 : Relay access denied We found a solution by disabling the anti spam protection. we're using an office 365 mail application with the standart eset cloud security filtering without changing any parameter except of course the anti spam that we disabled If you guys know where I can see the mail blocked on the eset app or how I can enable the anti-spam without blocking every mail.
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