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  1. Marcos - I know you're not implying I'm a newb, but only a newb would accidentally delete an MSI. Because ESET is functioning fine, I attribute this to the install package of the latest release. Every update I've ever done (going back YEARS) has been 100% painless and thought free. Now that I've upgraded to W10, that trend seems to have taken a sharp 180. I will wait for the next release or whatever. Not impressed right now, so feel free to relay that up the flag pole. Thank you for your time.
  2. Hi Marcos. I have the exact same issue. Are saying ESET expects us to go through all this just to do an update??? I respectfully submit that this is utterly ridiculous! ESET needs to get this figured out and re-release a working update - and pronto. Appreciate the assistance and willingness to help, but this is something I'd expect to have to do for a start-up software firm, not ESET. I mean serious, all this..... THIS IS FREAKING NUTS! Windows 10 Back up network adapter settingsAfter using the ESET Uninstaller Tool, you may be required to reinstall your network adapter drivers. Fol
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