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  1. Hi, I just try to upgrade Virtual Appliance console from 6.5.417.0 to 7, following the ESET Online Help : https://help.eset.com/esmc_deploy_va/70/en-US/deployent_on_vsphere_esxi.html?va_upgrade_migrate.html But I get the 3 following errors... : - Received server certificate is not valid. Please check whether server contains valid peer.... - Reading previous installation settings... failure - Received server certificate is not valid. Please check whether server contains valid peer certificats Thanks in advance for you help
  2. Hello, I tried without special caracters... double check again but still same issue. The only way to let me create a new certificate was to create a new CA....but I wanted to use the original CA generate by ESET during his install, not create a new CA. Do you know why it doesn't work with the original CA ? Regards
  3. Hi all, Same issue for me ! Did you get any update or resolution ?? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, Someone has an answer from the support ?? I also get this issue on some computers. thanks
  5. Hi, I'm trying to create a new server certificate but.... a get this error : Failed to create certificate: Creating and signing peer certificate failed. Check input parameters for invalid or reserved characters, check certification authority pfx/pkcs12 signing certificate and corresponding password.: Trace info: ParsePkcs12: Could not verify password (invalid password or corrupted pkcs12 structure) A found that was an issue til the ERA I use the on CentOS 6.7 any idea ? Thanks
  6. Hi all, I get the following error suddently on some Windows 2008 R2 after a few days : 2015-10-01 15:43:45 Error: CEssConnectorModule [Thread 890]: Set policy failed: CNodcommChannel: Send request failed with 14, Command failed - Make sure that Agent runs with Administrator privileges. (error come from last-error.html) And also this one on some others Windows 2008 R2 : CReplicationManager: Replication (network) connection to 'host: "xxx.xxx.xx.xx" port: 2222' failed with: (0x274c), A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of
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