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  1. EDIT; nevermind, It's another product's feature.... If I may.... where is that Password Mannager and from what product is it? I have Eset Internet Security and have never seen a built in Password Manager from Eset nor can I find it in the settings anywhere. Thanks.
  2. I honestly don't know if this has been asked before BUT, given the fact that you now have an online service that accounts for all the licenses and installations of Eset products for every user, (In my case, for example, I have a 6 device license and manage then all through the manager) wouldn't it be possible to add some sort of sync option that would allow the home users to deploy the installs with the same settings across devices??? I mean I have Eset Internet Security on all my pc's and I have to go one by one setting them up and making sure they all run the same settings, if you could automate this process it would be awesome.
  3. Thanks, Marcos. I realize the plugin issue but, if it is sandboxed how does Eset scan what comes and goes? Do you have access to the ports but not to the app?? Any chance to work with Microsoft into integrating the Eset plugin or allowing it to integrate like they do with Office Outlook?
  4. I'm posting this here because EIS is what I use. I have asked this before and never really got a solid answer. Will ESET EVER support the Windows 10 email app? It's a very good app, integrated in the os and with solid capabilities. Is it even posible? And if it's not posible (due to the way the app works or Eset not caring -you tell me-) does Eset Scan the traffic coming and going throug this app? I have Live, Gmail and work accounts synced in there -I have an Office 365 suscription but Outlook SUCKS and it's interface is cluttered and outdated- and I need to be sure that incoming and outgoing emails are checked by Eset for viruses and other malicious content. Thanks.
  5. So, not to be too critical but, despite you considering this a plus, which it probably is, aren't you worried that it was WD that detected malware and not Eset? Did you check to see if it was real malware or just a False Positive? What was Eset doing in that time (considering Eset has Boot time scanning and UEFI protection)?
  6. Hmm, no. The count on each file listed by Eset is 1, but there are 14 files in the folder... something is not right. (full disclosure, none of my files are viruses, only Eicar test files)
  7. Yes, that "sort of" works. Have 14 files in the folder, Eset now lists 7... At least it lists something right?
  8. I can confirm this (among other things that don't work in eset under the latest win10 versions.
  9. Hi, I've posted this on another thread because it's really worrying but don't seem to have a solution for it or an explanation. I´m running Eset Internet Security 11.2.49 on a Win10 X64 version in the Insiders Preview ring -the one with the patch that solved Eset's problem- and even though Eset registers with the Security Center, protection doesn't seem to be all there. Devices Control and Webcam protection are not working for me. I'm running this version of windows on an OMEN15 laptop with Windows Hello built in. Before all the problems introduced that caused Eset's antivirus to stop working; because of the webcam protection, I had (gladly) to create a rule for Svchost.exe so that Hello would work, a rule for the Camera to work, a rule for Opera to be able to access the camera (don't ask) and all was fine, any other app would not be able to access it because of Eset. Now, despite it being "working" again, any app can access the camera, no matter what I put the service on and, also, when I select the option to create a rule, the window closes and that's it. I really would like an answer from someone at Eset about this, otherwise I would have to uninstall it, I really don't think it's working correctly. EDIT, upgraded to version 17730.1000 of RS5 and the problem persists.
  10. That is correct, IF ESET WORKS. I'm on the latest RS5 Insider Preview build -the one with the patch for Eset to work- and the Web cam protection IS NOT working. It doesn't block apps or services from accessing the camera and it doesn't allow the creation of rules for it... thought I should mention this here instead of opening a new thread. I have tested this with windows Hello on my OMEN15, with the Camera app and using the Camera through Opera and Chrome on several webs, including the Whatsapp web app in Opera.
  11. That's Fast Ring right? Slow ring shows no updates.... EDIT, Yes, it's on fast ring and yes, it solves the issues. Hopefully they'll release a fix for slow ring.
  12. Soooooooo, no love from ESET or Microsoft? Are we supposed to change AV vendors from this point forward? My Norton license is still up for 40 days and Norto is working flawlesly while Eset IS NOT. Is it really a Microsoft induced problem? Is no one really going to issue a fix for this? Also, I'm in the Slow Ring, this should have never happened. That's why Microfost has 2 rings of Insider Previews.
  13. Thanks. I didn't see that, but I was using eset with no problems on some of the builds posted on that thread.... still, I will refer to it to keep things in the same place.
  14. Same problem here, with build 17713.rs5_release.180706-1551. I'm not sure it's exclusively a Microsoft error. I was using Eset on some of the other builds posted in this thread and didn't have an issue so...... Posted it on a new thread, didn't know there was another one https://forum.eset.com/topic/16212-eset-not-working/
  15. Let me explain. I have the latest Smart Security installed on a Windows 10 pro Insider Preview Build 17713.rs5_release.180706-1551 and as soon as the build installed, Eset Stopped Working. I have been running Eset on this PC with Insider Builds for ever and never got this kind of issues. I really need this to work. EDIT The problem is that Eset doesn't register with the Windows Security Center. Another Edit: I'm in the Slow ring, so it's been like a month since the last big update, never saw this kind of behavior from Eset. } Repairing the install or reinstalling the product does NOT work.
  16. Well, well, well. I guess I owe you a beer. It's not one of the set top boxes, it is the router itself. Yesterday, I saw a Cisco DPC #something Docsis Gateway being identified by Eset on the Home Network, same IP, same MAC as our "ghost" device. As it turns out, the router uses this IP/MAC combination for things connected to it's 4 ethernet ports and for the WiFi networks (2.4 and 5.8 ghz) so, you where right after all. As for the Home Network Problems, I guess it's Windows. I had a Lan Party the other day at some friends house, different network, 6 PC's connected to a Switch, I could see all of them on windows and on Eset Network Scanner, none of them could see my PC. No matter what I did. Will reinstall at some point, Creators Update over all other Updates I've had since the first win10 image might have had something to do with all this (and f*#%&ing Norton too, maybe) Point is, I ended up buying a Multi Device Licence (6 slots), back on eset since 2.01#something when I left because of the problems I was having, feels good.
  17. @demonlight can you reproduce it lik Marcos asked on post 2? It would be very helpfull to see the warnings...
  18. Funny, I use Opera and, even though Eset doesn't support anything on it, there's absolutely no hit in performance, compared to Chrome or Edge. Could it just be Firefox being picky about Eset intercepting HTTPS traffic?
  19. What can I say. I stand by my reasoning. Not giving support to Opera (they never had support from anyone) is part of the reason why it's not so widely spread. I remember the days when firefox arrived and only because it had Mozilla behind it, every one was excited, it sucked then, it sucks now, yet, they have support. TBH, I will continue using Opera as my dayly driver and Eset Banking Protection will be another "feature" I don't use.
  20. Thanks @Marcos yes, I removed the license by uninstalling Eset Mobile, yesterday night it dissappeared also from the License Mannager, it obviously took a couple of days to figure out the device was deactivated but it eventually did so, no issue other than the delay.
  21. Hi, quick one. I have a multi device license for 6 devices. Installed now in 2 but I had 3 devices with eset. When I removed the license from one of them, my phone, I thought it would be detected under the license mannager on my.eset.com, but it doesn't, it still says I have 3 devices activated. Hoy do I correct that? I used the "remove device" option but it gives out an error.
  22. NOT BEING POULAR enough is in part due also because nobody invests time and resources in it, and as a security software, that´s also NOT a valid reason. Trust me, I've been using Opera since way before they change their engine to Chrome and even before Nod32 became popular there was Opera already, there is none better.
  23. PLEASE, add Opera to the list of compatible Browsers for the Banking & Payment Protection module. It uses the Chrome (ENGINE) Browser and It's far better than Chrome, Firefox or IE. Thanks.
  24. So, I decided to stick with Eset 11 -liking this one very much- but I'm curious as to how Banking & Payment protection works. You see, I run Win10, but I don't use Edge or Chrome as my default browsers, I use Opera, which uses the Chrome engine but has SO MUCH MORE TO OFFER. I know Eset in all it's wisdom will never add Opera or a version of it to the browsers comatible with Payment Protection but, given the fact that Opera is my Default Browser, the sistem reverts to IE11 for the "secure browser" to run in Banking & Payment protection, and I DON'T LIKE THAT. Can you please, at least allow the user to choose between one of the compatible browsers if installed? I'm not asking you (yes I AM) to consider adding Opera -which would be great 'cause it's GOOD-, but to allow users to choose the browser if other than IE is installed in the PC and not selected as default, and if there is a way -which I haven't foud- TELL ME WHERE IT IS and make it more accessible in the future. Thanks.
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