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    Mustafa Kara received kudos from HB Light Trader in Why is Eset LiveGuard not available in lower versions?   
    First of all, I find it absolutely wrong that ESET uses this as a marketing product. This needs to be made clear. Does ESET LiveGuard technology provide an extra layer of protection? Yes. ESET already states this. So what is this layer of protection all about? It's about antivirus, in other words, about protection. You can make some differences in the products you offer for your home solutions. This is a very normal situation. Moreover, almost every antivirus provider does this. But there is a certain logic to this. Regardless of the product, there is no compromise on protection and the highest possible protection is provided. Eset has 3 basic products. NOD32, Internet Security and Smart Security. Eset, on the other hand, provides this support for LiveGuard technology only in its Smart Security product. This is unacceptable. Yes, you can perhaps include solutions in different areas such as password managers and VPNs only in these products. However, using a security technology for marketing purposes does not suit a security company. I don't think this should be negotiable. I want to ask this question here. Doesn't this technology provide extra protection? It provides. So, if it does, why make concessions? If not, why is it offered as extra protection in the Smart Security product? The functioning of the system is paradoxical. As an Eset user, I think so. I'm waiting for other users' opinions on the subject. I would like you to take this article as a constructive criticism and fill in any missing points, if any.
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    Mustafa Kara received kudos from HB Light Trader in Why is Eset LiveGuard not available in lower versions?   
    Forums are discussion places. This is the reason why I am raising this issue. Almost no antivirus provider makes any compromises in terms of security among their products. Because security technologies are non-negotiable. As far as I understand from your answer, ESET is making concessions on this issue. He has no hesitation in doing this. If ESET has a problem with receiving constructive criticism, I have nothing to say anyway.
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