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  1. Please is it possible to remotely push install ESET Endpoint for MAC from the ESET Security Management Center. This is very urgent as client will be deploying to about 1000 MAC. Kindly help with instructions and guide. Regards.
  2. Dear All, One of our client is having issues with the ESET Remote Administrator Server, as it fails to connect with the error (State not connected) on checking the logs, we discovered the error below: 2018-07-17 10:07:54 Error: Service [Thread 1370]: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] No catalog entry found for partition ID 72057598018060288 in database 5. The metadata is inconsistent. Run DBCC CHECKDB to check for a metadata corruption. How can this be fixed ?
  3. No error was given, it only says try to install software manually.
  4. ESET Endpoint Security Push install by direct package URL fails each time on the new ESMC console (file://\\Esetlab2\eesv7\ees_nt64_enu.msi) for both version 6.6 and version 6.5. Any information on how to trouble shoot this ?
  5. Hello Marcos, Sorry it was an error, it was supposed to be Installing ESET Secure Authentication not ERA server
  6. Please is it compulsory to install ESET Secure Authentication on the Active Directory Server ? A potential client installed on a server in the domain(Not the AD server) they tried testing the connection but it failed and when we tried to enable ESA for a user, we discovered that the ESA tab in user properties was not available. Anyone with useful information ?
  7. A potential client will like to know how how ESET Remote Administrator integrates and synchronize with Linux UCS, in the deployment of ESET Agent and Endpoint Security on the workstation.
  8. Please can you help with the credentials to upload logs to the ESET FTP Server ?
  9. Hello Marcos, I have ran the Agent manually on one of the client systems just as you advised and it was successful, no error generated. So what can be wrong with the Agent push Installation from the Server, which states successfully finished but does not install on the client systems ?
  10. Thanks Marcos, I will do that tomorrow. In the meantime .... just a quick one, in an environment with both 64 and 32 bit operating system how does the push installation sort that out ? Also in using the sccm, is it compulsory to download the Agent installer file from within the ERA server or can I download the Installer directly from the web when creating a modified version of the ERA Agent Installer file for distribution using SCCM ?
  11. Hello, I a having the same issue here, we have just finished installing the ERA Ver 6.2, and all the client system were discovered by the ERA but when we push the Agent from the ERA server, it says task finished successfully but on checking the Client system, there is no trace of the Agent on the Client system. Please what can I do to fix this ? NB All the client system still has ESET Endpoint Antivirus Installed on them (Can this be responsible) ? Do I need to uninstall the Endpoint security ?
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