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  1. No, I mean that I've uninstall ERA Server, ERA Agent , Tomcat Proxy, Web Console... and install it again. Database was not deleted. New instance of server was connect to existing database. DO you think that I should create new database ? If yes, how can I export settings all settings ?
  2. Now I have ESET ERA installed . Problem is that since few days remote agents cannot connect to ERA server. In server log file still can be found: Quote I don't know what CA certficate is missing. I reinstalled all software, and created new CA, deployed new agents, but problems still exists. I have never configured replication for era server. Maybe problem is somewere in database...
  3. Hello, I have installed ESET ERA server 6.x on Windows 2008R2 Server. Few days ago I noticed that agents on my client computers did not connect to ERA server. There are following entries on log file of server: I suspect problem with reading CA certificate. The point is that I didn't change any of certificates - especially CA certificate. All valid certificates are proper displayed in WebConsole, but the fact is that I cannot export them. There are also entries in SQL database with valid certificates, so from data point of view - nothing changed. If I try to export certificates or d
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