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  1. OK, finally I've worked it out. So, FIRST, repeatedly push Update button in ESET with Test option. The emphasis is on REPEAT SEVERAL TIMES. It will show that somehow CM updates to 1112 from 1110. I think it took me 7 or 8 attempts. SECOND, reboot the computer and do full scan (takes time) THIRD, reboot computer again and do Restore to prior date to occurrence of the error (in my case 20th September). Fourth, reboot once again and DO THE SCAN AGAIN, as it will again update itself. Now, the registry keys look as should and although the version of SS is still same, CM1112 corrected the error. All icons are manageable as before. Many thanks to forum members, they helped alot and ESET didn't show practical speed to free us from hassles. Restore function is safer than to mess with registry and I couldn't force my system to change permissions anyway.
  2. How about to get permissions to edit registry keys? It stopped me on any of previous attempts. Also, is it so difficult to make patch that will do that (with admin rights enabled) instead?
  3. Huge thanks to all contributors to resolve this issue. Still, as average user I couldn't find way to force registry change (if this justify forum level criteria I admit that I am fairly stupid). Also, showing deeper level of ignorance I couldn't update Cleaner or CM (and have no idea how to do it) from 1110 to 1112. Furthermore, my version of SS 8.0.312.3, which seems not to ne the latest one and it doesn't update further. Now, as I believe that few other users my suffer from same mental deficiency to resolve what is apparently simple, self-explanatory and straightforward solution, may I kindly beg someone to ENLIGHTEN us, intellectual inferiors, as reading through pages on forum just ends up with frustration. Thank you for attention.
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