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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to Marcos in Is ESET File Security for Windows Server scanning archives in real-time?   
    Scanning archives by real-time protection doesn't make sense regardless of the AV, it would render the machine unusable. Just imagine that archives would be locked for several minutes or hours during the scan on each access.
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to Marcos in What is the difference between an original ESET license and a pirated ESET license?   
    Either a pirated license cannot be used for activation or it will be cancelled soon and ESET will stop providing protection.
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to peteyt in What is the difference between an original ESET license and a pirated ESET license?   
    One thing that happens on this forum is a lot of users post that their license has been flagged. This normally happens when someone or some site sells a license to more people than the license is designed for.
    What seems to happen is the seller will buy a license for 1 single user and resell it to multiple users but as the license is for one user eset's systems will automatically detect it is being used on multiple devices and block it. For this reason eset always recommends users buy directly from their website and not other sites Including the likes of Amazon and Ebay who have users selling things.
    In general a lot of software can be obtained illegally via cracks but this is very risky as cracks are a popular method for distributing malware. The problem is you don't know what they have added to the program 
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to Marcos in Mr   
    It is not true that ESET monitors keystrokes. Accessibility must be allowed for anti-phishing to work and filter websites.
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to Undecover in Leaked key SOMEHOW   
    Well i didint even knew i had an account there tbh (or i forgot) anyway im on my way to secure everything again. guess ill be using google random password gen. Thank you for your hard work. And have a good day.
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to gbzm in 404 error when trying to access EEE Dashboard on server.   
    Problem fixed. Windows server updates had reactivated a couple of services which had nabbed port 80. Simply disabling them negated the issue. I'm now planning on moving the EEE server onto a different port to resolve the issue permanently during the downtime over the weekend.
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to Marcos in Eset Internet security blocks too many good and safe websites!!!   
    We kindly ask you to provide a handful of examples of websites that are blocked by ESET and you think they are clean. It is as simple as that.
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to Peter Randziak in macOS Big Sur fully compatible ESET Endpoint Security BETA with Apple M1 chip support signup   
    To sign up for BETA access to the fully compatible version of ESET Endpoint Security for macOS Big Sur, including Firewall and Device Control features and also bringing compatibility for Apple M1 chip-based devices, just drop a reply here, or by send me @Peter Randziak or @TomasP a private message. 
    We are looking forward to your participation and feedback,
    Peter on behalf of the teams involved
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to itman in If You Use Licensing Cracking Software, You Need To Read This   
    It appears that a number of Eset users employ license "crackers." It also appears that a number of Eset forum participants feel that the most widely used , the KMS software family of crackers, are safe. As noted in this recent analysis of KMS based software by AVLabs in Poland, they are definitely not safe to use.
    KMSAuto and KMSpico are the most commonly installed hacktool on computers in Poland
    Note: This article was posted in the Polish language. Hence the use of Google's Translator.
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to Marcos in Is ARM base CPU being supported by ESET?   
    Currently we do not have a product for Windows 10 on ARM64 systems. However, please stay tuned for latest news on this which we will announce here and through our website www.eset.com some time soon.
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    Aryeh Goretsky received kudos from Abdulkadirozbudak42 in Future changes to ESET NOD32 Antivirus   
    Not every requested feature can be added at once.  ESET's project managers have to carefully look at the technical and market requirements for each request.  Sometimes, the amount of work required to implement a requested feature may mean that it needs to be put off for a few version releases until enough engineering time can be budgeted to implement, test and maintain the feature.  And sometimes, a feature might be requested that is just out of scope, offers little real-world benefit to customers or may even be against ESET's business practices.
    In any case, what I would suggest is to provide as detailed a description as possible of the feature you are requesting, in order for ESET's project managers to make better sense of it, and a little patience, as not everything can be done at once.
    Aryeh Goretsky

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    Aryeh Goretsky received kudos from Abdulkadirozbudak42 in Future changes to ESET NOD32 Antivirus   
    The reason the behavior was changed because of complaints that the yellow "warning color" was too severe an action to perform on messages which were supposed to be more informational in nature.  I'm not really sure what can be done here, though, as different customers have different preferences, and trying to allow the icon to be customized would result in all sorts of problems, ranging from support issues to attacks by malware (in order to hide it/change it to normal).
    Aryeh Goretsky
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    Aryeh Goretsky received kudos from Abdulkadirozbudak42 in Future changes to ESET NOD32 Antivirus   
    The default behavior of the software is to check for updates every 60 minutes.  ESET releases an update every seven hours or so (rough estimate on my part).
    Aryeh Goretsky
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    Aryeh Goretsky received kudos from Abdulkadirozbudak42 in Future changes to ESET NOD32 Antivirus   

    The goal of this message thread is to provide ESET with feedback on changes and new features you would like to see in future versions of ESET NOD32 Antivirus. Please use the following format when providing feedback:

    Description: A very specific one line description of your feedback.
    Detail: A more detailed explanation of your feedback. Please feel free to make this any length, but be sure to use terms everyone can understand. If your suggestion is an extension or update to an existing discussion, please include a link to it in your message.
    Here is an example:
    Description:  Raspberry Pi support
    Detail: The Raspberry Pi is a small ARM-based single-board computer popular
    with hobbyists.  I think ESET should make a version of ESET NOD32 Antiivirus for it.
    You are welcome to discuss the merits of each and every suggestion, but keep your comments on topic, concise and thoughtful.  There are other parts of the forum to discuss issues.
    NOTE:  When making your requests do not make general statements such as "better detection, HIPS, firewall, cleaning, and so forth."  ESET's threat researchers constantly examine new threats and release updates to the virus signature database and to the modules in order to improve these functions.  If you have a specific feature or functionality you would like to see added (or improved) please post it here, but general requests to "make things better" are not helpful because they do not give ESET detailed enough information.  Thank you for your understanding.
    [Added 2013-06-10]

    Aryeh Goretsky
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to AzJazz in ESET SysRescue Live hangs during boot   
    I tried Legacy BIOS and UEFI, both instances hang during the boot process. The Legacy BIOS did bring up a text menu momentarily before it hung with a black screen with a flashing cursor.
    I have had luck getting Ubuntu and other Linux distros running on my PC - but there has sometimes been an issue with some of my more modern Nvidia RTX GPUs where the open-source nouveau drivers don't recognize the Nvidia GPU. This feels similar.
    I have been able to get past this by being able to modify the grub boot options with a nomodeset option to keep the distro from scanning for the graphics configuration, but I couldn't find an way with ESET SysRescue to modify the boot options.
    There are a lot of folks out there with Nvidia RTX GPUs that will face this same issue, so it would be nice if there was a solution available.
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to Marcos in Win32/Tofsee   
    Please delete c:\users\aseno\dbkluqfb.exe in safe mode. The file would be detected if the machine was connected to the Internet. Let us know should the malware be still detected in memory.
    It appears that it's connected to C:\$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-21-1416434526-3052328013-949319557-1001\$RQ4M581\Debut-Video-Capture-660-Crack---Registration-Code-Free-Download\5fdf7dade09165f-files\setup_x86_x64_install.exe which is also detected. We strongly recommend to avoid using cracks which often contain malware.
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to peteyt in suggestion for all eset products   
    The only UI change I wouldn't say no to and I've brought up before, is allowing some customisation e.g. when you right click the eset icon e.g. allowing for gamer mode or other frequently used options to be there.
    While off topic I've also been wondering lately if there would be a better way to troubleshoot eset issues. Currently when eset doesn't work and people post on here a mod will often ask to try and disable a certain feature and if that doesn't work possibly ask to disable something else. I was wondering if a kind of troubleshoot wizard could help where the user could use this and the wizard would try different things e.g. disable different things, and at least find a possible feature that is causing the issue although I don't know if this would work and probably be too complicated 
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to peteyt in Cit0Day Breach   
    Just thought I'd share this. Troy Hunt via his Have I been pwned site has shared a large breach, which appears to be a collection of multiple breaches, collected together. He appears to have tested some, which appear correct, but due to the large size of the data he cannot confirm all. There's also the possibility that some are from previous known breaches, and he does note some of the websites involved no longer exist.
    It's also good to know the latest version of Eset with the version 2 password manager can notify you of breaches in regards to accounts you have saved on there. This is something I can see happening more and more.
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to Marcos in Do ESET Solutions take advantage of Hardware Based Security Modules pre-existing in Systems?   
    TPM is used by ESET Full Disk Encryption. Memory integrity protection is leveraged if Protected service is enabled in the HIPS setup (enabled by default). As for core isolation, I understand it as more of an OS feature than something that requires special support from AV vendors.
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to itman in Avast Now Also Has Block-At-First-Site-Capability   
    The fact is Eset has all the internal mechanisms in place to accomplish this. All they have to do is block the process until LiveGrid black list determination processing has completed. As to the false positive element, I say "to hell with that." Most home users would not be significantly impacted by such process blocking. 
    This could be also further refined by adding Trusted Publisher, signing, etc. criteria to Eset Reputation scanner. Failure on reputation coupled with suspected malicious activity should be enough to block until LiveGrid initial scanning is completed.
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to Zardoc in Introduce yourself   
    First heads up to my friend Aryeh Goretsky. He has always been a gentleman when interacting with me.
    I build computers for a living. I was a 7 year MS MVP desktop support
    I'm a long time supporter of Eset and I recommend the software to all my customers.
    Even if I don't always agree with update releases, I've never been stifled when being vocal on this site.
    Also, Marcos is a patient man ☺️
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to Marcos in The License Key or Retail Code you entered could not be found in our system   
    I was unable to find any license registered with your forum email address. Please provide your public license ID in the form XXX-XXX-XXX. If you have purchased a boxed version of ESET, follow the instructions for registration that should be printed on the box.
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    Aryeh Goretsky received kudos from peteyt in suggestion for all eset products   

    A dark mode option is in consideration for a subsequent release of the software, however, there is no specific time associated with the request. 

    Keep in mind that this type of change is not a matter of simply changing the background colors.  Color choices and design of icons and other imagery along UI components and even text layout (size, positioning, typeface choice, etc.).  All of these have to be carefully reviewed and, if needed, adjusted for compatibility as well as for any impact to the supportability of  the programs (for example, what happens when a blurry or low-res screenshot is sent in with a ticket).


    Aryeh Goretsky
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to peteyt in suggestion for all eset products   
    Yes I agree. I have no issue with eset implanting a dark mode if they decide to. However I presume it wouldn't be as simple as it sounds. If it's something that would take a while I'd rather they used that time on the product itself rather than how it looked 
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    Aryeh Goretsky gave kudos to SeriousHoax in eset Internet Security Installation Bug?   
    This is common when If Controlled Folder Access of Windows Defender was enabled prior to ESET installation.
    Now if ESET has been installed then Windows Defender and it's Controlled Folder Access module should be disabled by now. Restart the system to be sure and everything should be alright now.
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