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  1. Hi, I am not able to configure EPNS, I do not know where I am setting up, I am configuring this feature. Can you help me please? Is it necessary to activate the machines or only to force synchronization?
  2. I'll confirm that the local installation is running on top of an old version, as far as I remember it is running yes. But anyway, I want to solve the problem of remote installation. The two machines have the same operating system and old product: Windows 7 Professional x64 ESET Endpoint Security 6.2.2033.0 The installation problem occurred in updating the network agents too, it caused a lot of failure to install the new version over the old one. For agents, it has these old versions: ESET Remote Administrator Agent ESET Remote Administrator Agent 6.1.444.0
  3. This machine generated the sync failure: ws66786 This machine generated the manual installation failure: ws67513 The logs are attached. software-install_ws66786.log software-install_ws67513.log trace_ws66786.log
  4. Hi, Need help. It seems that in some cases trying to install the new version of Eset Endpoint Secutiry 7 on top of an old one is not being possible. Another case is of even showing in the console that a machine does not have the antivirus does not install the new version. And there is one last thing happening, I have to install and it turns the Running status from one day to another, and sometimes it stays that way and it does not end, neither with failure nor with success, and in some I even verified that it was installed new version. In these three cases the Eset management Agent i
  5. Guys, I can not perform the database restore, please help me. By command line I was only able to backup. I tried to upgrade to SQL Server Management Studio, but when I restore it, I can no longer access the remote administrator's web console, and the remote administrator's service keeps dropping. I am trying to restore an ERA 6.1.444 backup in an ERA 6.1.444 installation.
  6. Good afternoon. I had to reset the user's sa password (by the SQL Server Management Studio console) to be able to perform backup via the command line (from cmd in administrator mode), where I used the -U and -P parameters to put the user sa and their respective password. I have completed the installation of ERA 6.1.444 by the all-in-one installer and only the web console user password is requested. Could you inform me the SA user's default password so that I can perform the backup correctly without having to install Management Studio?
  7. I set the command, was setting the wrong instance. But still it generates error, now of login failure, could you tell me what it can be and how to correct it?
  8. I can not back up my database every time I use this procedure: https://support.eset.com/kb6048/?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US. Error is generated already in bank creation. I can not identify what I'm missing, could you help me? I'm looking to migrate from version 6.1.444 to version 7. In Lab until I've already done this upgrade, but I can not perform this backup, and I'm afraid I need to.
  9. Can someone help me please? Where can I open call to Eset without being here in the Forum? Is there a channel to open calls to customers?
  10. Good afternoon, how are you guys? Could you understand my latest posts? Can you help me? Thank you for your attention.
  11. Picture of the installation error that is shown in the " Agent Deployment tasks information in last 30 days" report
  12. I will try to explain the situation at the moment. An image is used to install Windows on computers, one with Windows 7 and one with Windows 10, and both contain the era agent and EES installed. When the Windows 10 image is used to format some machine, it works correctly, this computer can communicate with the ERA and takes a license and is activated. When the process is done with the Windows 7 image, it is wrong, the computer can not communicate with the ERA and it is not even possible to force an era agent installation on that computer, and the error generated in the report refers to commu
  13. Good afternoon. The server that is installed on the ERA is running Windows Server. Where are the trace files related to the agent era installation on the ERA server? Thank you for your help
  14. When I try to install the era agent remotely, an error is generated. When I check in the reports, an attempt is made to install via SSH, but I do not understand why it is trying to install this way, especially since it is an installation on a Windows 7 computer. Windows Firewall is disabled, I can access the share "admin $" without problems, the user configured in the task is a network administrator. Please help me figure out the problem.
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