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  1. I can not install agent era remotely.

    Can someone help me please? Where can I open call to Eset without being here in the Forum? Is there a channel to open calls to customers?
  2. I can not install agent era remotely.

    Good afternoon, how are you guys? Could you understand my latest posts? Can you help me? Thank you for your attention.
  3. I can not install agent era remotely.

    Picture of the installation error that is shown in the " Agent Deployment tasks information in last 30 days" report
  4. I can not install agent era remotely.

    I will try to explain the situation at the moment. An image is used to install Windows on computers, one with Windows 7 and one with Windows 10, and both contain the era agent and EES installed. When the Windows 10 image is used to format some machine, it works correctly, this computer can communicate with the ERA and takes a license and is activated. When the process is done with the Windows 7 image, it is wrong, the computer can not communicate with the ERA and it is not even possible to force an era agent installation on that computer, and the error generated in the report refers to communication failure (later I'll be posting a print of the report). But if I do connection tests to this computer, I have a positive answer, for example, I can ping to it, I can access the share C $ and ADMIN $, I can execute the compile nslookup to know if it has a return on the network, and it returns ok. One thing I found strange, is that this machine with Windows 7, despite getting such access, if I try to access via RDP, I can not, it is necessary to configure to release so that I can. Windows Firewall per GPO is disabled. Thank you for your help.
  5. I can not install agent era remotely.

    Good afternoon. The server that is installed on the ERA is running Windows Server. Where are the trace files related to the agent era installation on the ERA server? Thank you for your help
  6. When I try to install the era agent remotely, an error is generated. When I check in the reports, an attempt is made to install via SSH, but I do not understand why it is trying to install this way, especially since it is an installation on a Windows 7 computer. Windows Firewall is disabled, I can access the share "admin $" without problems, the user configured in the task is a network administrator. Please help me figure out the problem.

    Is this log complete? There seems to be only older entries indicating connection problem - machine hosting Apache HTTP Proxy has direct visibility to internet or it connect to another proxy? It seems that it was not able to connect to ESET servers which resulted in failure. My page did not update and I did not see your answer. Yes, this server that appended the Apache log is the ERA Proxy + HTTP Proxy server, and it connects to the ERA server, to return information and also to fetch updates and thus create the local chache. I attached the complete log, I had not tried the date, so probably everything is ok today because this server is fully updated. And this morning when I accessed the ERA I was in the group where this ERA Proxy + HTTP Proxy server and the branch machines, I identified that of 5 machines only two still are not able to update, they are in the status of "Failed to try Update ". The last log I posted is from one of these machines.

    Follows the network agent log of one of the machines that can not update. It looks like your update is being stopped. trace.log

    HTTP Proxy logs should be located in C:\Program Files\Apache HTTP Proxy\logs\ Regarding configuration, it is easiest to request exported configuration from client computer (client details -> configuration -> request configuration) and check it once it is received. You should be able to see whether AGENT is configured to use HTTP Proxy as expected. First I'll leave the dp HTTP Proxy error log, soon I'll be posting the machine settings. I appreciate it. http-proxy-error.log

    Sorry, could you point me to the location of these HTTP Proxy files that you want me to collect? What about the settings, do I want to export policy settings? I await and appreciate your help.
  11. I have configured ERA PROXY and PROXY HTTP in a branch office on a server and the local machines must report only to that server, and that server reports to the ERA. Apparently the machines are with their communication established with the ERA PROXY server because last connection information is being returned in the ERA Web console, there are five machines and one server (ERA PROXY) and three returns fault status in the recent update attempts, one That can not take license and another one is ok, updated and with no negative status whatsoever. The machine that has LICENSE error, I even trying to locally activate with the license key I could not, I tried to uninstall and returned that I needed to be with administrator account and I was, so I had to uninstall manually with an ESET application via prompt Command and then reinstall, but it continued the same way. I accessed one of the machines with failed status in the update attempts and it looks okay, it connects via telnet on ports 2222 and 3128 of ERA PROXY, but if I try to run local update, nothing happens, but it has a message on the interface where I run updates Saying to be in the last. In Trace the agent log of this machine has the following error: Performupdate: Module update failed with error: Download interrupted. (Error code 8453). I do not know what to do, I tried to stop the firewall and it still did not help. I did not understand why one of the machines is ok and the other 4 is not. All machines are running Windows 7 Enterprise and are x86. If you can help me, I appreciate it. I'm sorry for the writing errors, I do not speak English, I'm using a translator.
  12. When you say the right platform should be chosen is referring to the ERA server should send the correct version for the host, is not it? In this case, should be chosen automatically and not by me, would not that be I responsible for choosing the version in choosing the task, is not it ?! I ask this because the task does not have this kind of option. I'll see if I can collect this information, but as I said earlier, I tried this installation on a machine with x86 version of OS.
  13. I'll describe the way I used to create the task so that it is understood what I did. I selected the ADMIN panel / after Server Tasks / Agent Deployment / New: Now I configured as follows: Basic: I put a name to the task. Settings: left enabled "Automatic resolution of agent subtable" targets: I chose the machine. username: I put the user pasword: I put the password Server Hostname: I left blank Cerrtificate Settings - Peer Certificate: ERA certificate ERA certificate: Agent Certificate Certificate Passphrase: I left blank triggers: I not created. FINISH Now I just went to the created task and clicked on and then selected "Run now". And it was there that returned the flaws I mentioned, with this I saw as an alternative download on the site eset the individual ERA agent package for x86 version. This installation from ERA Server does not have to choose the version of WAS agent, this is done automatically.
  14. I'm trying to perform a remote installation by Eset Remote Administrator, a task of implementing the agent was, is an assisted installation by ERA server. I am using the method GPO or the Agent Live. When I tried to accomplish this remote installation is generated an error that is not supported by the platform and in another case the task completed but not installed anything, veirifiquei locally on the machine and did not contain any folder ERA agent or service running. In both cases the installation attempt was made in Windows 7 x86. After that happened I saw as a solution, download the agent for ERA x86 version and performed the local installation, which needed only to point the server and then put the ERA Web console credentials, and performing this procedure the agent ERA was installed. I want to understand why I can not perform remote installation and how this concert, it is of paramount importance to remote installation. Thank you and look forward. Note: My English is poor, I am using a translator, if something gets confused me know that I try to explain again.
  15. Well, it is that so far here in the forum talking to the moderators of Eset I did not have to speak his name as seen in the manual, so did not get to understand your question because there is only one agent, so I thought it would be enough, but yes, Eset Remote Administrator agent.