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  1. First of all, manual editing of the registry is not necessary - everything should be fixed automatically by means of the Cleaner module update. Apparently it doesn't fix the registry key on every system for some reason so we need to investigate further to find out what is causing it. This issue doesn't compare to major ones that some other vendors have recently had when certain critical files were erroneously deleted which rendered systems non-functional. In this case, the cause of the issue is an abrupt change of a default value often misused by malware to register in the system that Windows 10 started to use. We've taken it seriously from the very beginning and been working on it for a couple of days already. As I have already written, we are willing to arrange a remote session with anybody who is still experiencing the issue to expedite a resolution. That said, calling this "a BIG letdown" or "very wrong" doesn't sound appropriate to me. I trusted ESET with my system - and I got a 3-4 hours of google marathon, trying like everything, rearranging my 50 icons twice (two monitor desktop). How would you describe this, when not as a big letdown on someone you trust? You cannot imagine how exhausted I am from this. Anyway, I managed to change the rights (clicked like EVERYTHING gazillion times) and changed the keys to system32 instead of SysWow64. And the icons are WORKING (at least for this seconds).
  2. Hi, I am not able to change my right to save the changed registry I found something elsewhere, but I could not get to the end.. Is there a tutorial, how to change the rights to be able to save the change ? Everytime I hit the save button, I get message, that I dont have enough rights (I did the 1112 change, restarted, did not helped, I found the registry key and this is how far I got) I am really down, about this, realy disappointed and really thinking about NOT continuing with ESET anymore. This is a BIG letdown. I am helpless and I can only beg for help. This is very wrong.
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