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  1. Dear Team, ESET Security Management Center 7 have very good overview desk but suggestion to add one more report template on overview desk is virus signature update. In present we have Product version status report template. if you can add similar report template for virus signature update then it's good and we find all report at one place . Thanks and regards, Harshad Mistry
  2. Thanks for replay. I am talking about action cannot be cancelled by user. and this option only activate when i select after scan option ((like shutdown. hibernate, sleep). If I want to scheduled on-demand scans with action cannot be cancelled by user in organization working hour. i am not able to do this because I must select option ((like shutdown. hibernate, sleep). and at the end of scanning system will shutdown. hibernate or sleep. user might be lost his data and disturb in their work. Thanks and regards, Harshad Mistry
  3. And also action cannot be cancelled by user is only activate if we select action after scan. (like shutdown. hibernate, sleep) so it is not useful if we want to perform scanning in working environment. because it disturbing user work.
  4. Dear Marcos, Thanks for reply but I am IT-admin in organization and we have 800 eset client . some time its necessary to scan all system when more system getting infected or in case of infection which spared in network or user use infected pen drive without scanning. now in this case If a user run a scan he do not need to stop scanning but what if It-admin run system scan and user stop scanning or use pen drive without scanning ( or stop automatic Device scan). Just think twice some time we need control on scanning so we need password protection for preventing users from pausing or stopping removable media scans. As you say Since such scans may take really long (even hours) and may have a noticeable impact on performance. in this case below suggest scheduled scans is not good because i don't have stop scanning option. By providing password protection for scanning make it fixable. thanks and regards, Harshad Mistry
  5. Dear Team I also exclude ESET all registry and file (For more detail please download and check attachment), but device control setting is reset after restart.
  6. Dear team We are using eset endpoint security admin console 6.5 and eset endpoint security 6.6 for client, now our organization start using shadowdefender and we want Exclude Eset Form Shadowdefender. Shadow Defender can run your system in a virtual environment called 'Shadow Mode'. 'Shadow Mode' redirects each system change to a virtual environment with no change to your real environment. If you experience malicious activities and/or unwanted changes, perform a reboot to restore your system back to its original state, as if nothing happened. for more information about please visit this site :- www.shadowdefender.com Please do need full. Thanks and regards, Harshad Mistry
  7. Thanks for replay. sand you logs as say. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BN3M63n25Qm3dls0hlhrFGYY8f7f6l_T
  8. Is eset endpoint latest version(6.6.2072.2) is supported on windows latest version ( win pro N version 1709 os build 16299.15)? I have format my 2 system 2 times but i get same error on system ( see attachment).
  9. Dear Team, we have software that use 2221 port so that eset client not getting update should we change eset update port (2221). Thanks and regards Harshad Mistry.
  10. Hi ESET Team, Please signup me for the 6.5 beta test. Regards, Harshad mistry
  11. Dear team, trying to install era agent 6.4 on windows xp sp3 but installtion fails as per error i create logs (soln406) logs are attach with this. plz do needful regards, harshad install.log
  12. Thanks Gonzalo Alvarez. I will Do all the things you mentioned and then reply. No ,Eset support dose not reply.
  13. Here Is SysInspector log and found some reg entry with powershell in startup. (screen shot and reg entry attach with this) Logs.rar
  14. Dear Team There Is Continuous popup Win32/TrojanDownloader.Waucho detects In memory. even after scan with online scanner in safe mood and also with ESET SysRescue Live. problem is same . screen shot attach with this. how to clean this infection. kindly help us. Thanks and regards. Harshad Mistry
  15. Hi Jim.. I don't think u did see my post properly.. I have attached screenshot in my last post. anyways see it properly and then reply that who told "who indicated there was no easy way do create a report." i really dont think this is an easy way... we have to do this manually. but we want that it should be automatic. i mean the task should run automatically when duplicate entry is detected. or there should be a group which detects duplicate entries and i have also provided the acceding sorted report. but the problem is we have so many clients who uses 500 or more computers in a single console and 10-20 computers are formatted on daily basis. so it too lengthy procedure to maintain this manually. i need to open the console page daily and waste too much time behind this. if u have any easy way to maintain this kind of situation then please reply otherwise tell Martin to reply. anyways i saw this feature in othe antivirus' console so i expect this feature from u people also. And Yes, if u haven't solution, then please tell your senior to reply!!! Thanks and regards Harshad Mistry.
  16. Dear team. Is it Possible to create mirror in eset era Virtualizes environmen. if yes then plz help us. Thanks and regards harshad mistry
  17. hello. There is no responsible person in company to give answer our questions..
  18. Tanks For replay Dear team I explain you what i want to do. we have 470 user license and every day 8-10 system format, change and replace. now problem is that when We install eset client on these system era create new entry for it. ( After format, change and replace system we provide same ip and name) so we want create template or report that only show us client duplicate entry. if it is possible to create group that show only Client duplicate entry then its easy for us to remove these entry. Plz see attach file. thanks and regards. harshad mistry.
  19. Dear team. Is there in way to find Only Eset Client duplicate entry. How make report or group that show only Eset Client duplicate entry. Plz see attach file for more information. If have any idea plz share with us. Thanks and regards, Harshad mistry
  20. Dear Team, Configure Offline update mirror tool but its download all version update like ep4, ep5, ep6, era6.. Is this possible to download update only for era 6? I have configure below configuration. MirrorTool.exe --mirrorType regular --intermediateUpdateDirectory c:\temp\mirrorTemp --offlineLicenseFilename c:\temp\esetendpointantivirusforwindows.lf --outputDirectory c:\temp\mirror
  21. eset era 6.4, its required internet or proxy for client activation
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